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Successful EDI is essential to modern retail supply chains. Join us to discover how beer giant Ottakringer reduced messaging costs by 50% following successful integration of an EDI solution in their SAP® system.


EDI Optimisation


Given the significant benefits that supply chain automation can bring, it’s important to ensure that your document exchange processes are as efficient as possible. Yet whilst most businesses recognise the impact of a reliable and future-proof EDI solution, too many persevere with outdated and overly complex systems under the misapprehension that EDI optimisation requires significant internal effort and is likely to disrupt business.

In this webinar series we explore the practical steps you can take to improve your EDI landscape, from identifying the right type of solution, to reducing VAN costs and minimising pressure on internal teams.

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EDI, E-invoicing and Peppol in SAP® and SAP S/4HANA®


With automation becoming an increasingly essential part of modern supply chains (particularly in the light of new European e-invoicing regulations), more and more companies are looking to improve their current EDI processes. Given the wealth of different SAP systems and solutions available, however, deciding on the best option can be a particularly confusing task for SAP users.

To help those in this situation, in this webinar series ecosio’s experts explore the subject of EDI integration in SAP systems in detail, looking at everything from how the different solutions compare, to how to integrate EDI and e-invoicing successfully in specific SAP platforms.

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E-invoicing and Peppol


As we deal with in our white paper on this subject, Peppol is becoming a subject of growing importance for supply chain businesses. Of the many countries that have introduced regulations regarding e-invoicing in recent years, the vast majority mandate the use of Peppol to some extent. Even without this legal obligation, however, as more and more companies gain Peppol compliance, the more useful establishing a connection to Peppol becomes.

In this webinar we delve deep into Peppol, exploring what it is, why its use is growing, the legal context, and how to achieve the most efficient connection possible. Click on the webinar on the right to learn more!


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