Meet Martin & Co.!

Martin and his colleagues are on an never-ending journey to solve their EDI woes. Will they ever find a successful solution? What obstacles will they face? And will Martin ever see his family again?!


2) EDIFACT meltdown

EDI cartoon 2

Sick of unnecessarily complicated EDI processes? At ecosio we take care of everything so you don’t have to! Discover our solution here.

3) IP address mix-up

EDI cartoon 3

Tired of time-consuming back-and-forths with customers and suppliers? As we explore in this infographic, fully managed EDI takes leaves you to concentrate on more value-adding activities.

4) The long wait

EDI cartoon 4

Peppol issues getting you down? View our stat-filled infographic to find out what a comprehensive e-invoicing solution can do for you.

7) The simple life

EDI cartoon 3

Fed up of complicated e-invoicing regulations? Our “E-invoicing in Europe” white paper gives a useful breakdown of current rules and upcoming changes. To find out about ecosio’s unique e-invoicing solution, click here.


8) Bad suggestion

EDI cartoon 3

Had enough of frustrating EDI inconsistencies? Why not consider moving to an EDI as a service solution, where all EDI tasks are handled by your provider? For more information view our webinar on this topic here.


9) North pole nightmare

EDI cartoon 3

If Rudolph really wants to save Christmas he needs to try to convince St. Nick to move to EDI as a Service!


10) The invisible man

EDI cartoon 2

Supplier relationships getting you down? At ecosio we handle everything from partner onboarding to ongoing operation, so you don’t have to! Discover our solution here.


11) EDI exhibition

EDI cartoon 3

Would your EDI landscape make a modern art masterpiece? If so you may like to learn more about how we can help you reduce complexity and costs when it comes to Value Added Networks (VANs). Click here to read more.



Martin’s journey will continue…

To follow his journey on LinkedIn, just follow our unique hashtag here.


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