Martin and his colleagues are on an never-ending journey to solve their EDI woes.

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48) Oh What a Knight

EDI cartoon 48. Oh What a Knight

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. It seems the value of successful electronic data interchange (EDI) is something that even the unlikeliest of customers can recognise!


47) Matchmaker

EDI cartoon 47. Matchmaker

Doing without Web EDI is a questionable move for any large supply chain organisation… though admittedly rarely has such drastic consequences.


46) Like Counting Sheep

EDI cartoon 46. Like Counting Sheep

Some may find master data issues frustrating… but Martin has at least found a good use for them.


45) The Great Martino

EDI cartoon 45. The Great Martino

Martin is at the circus this week to find out just how transferrable his skills are… View our infographic to see how much internal work is required with different EDI solutions.


44) Forecasting

EDI cartoon 44. Forecasting

There’s a new face at the office this week. Given his reception it’s unlikely he’ll be around for too long though…


43) Server Shutdown

EDI cartoon 43. Server Shutdown

If anyone knows the individual in the second panel, please tell them to stop…


42) Working from Home

EDI cartoon 42. Working from Home

Working from home can be great… but it’s not always the calmest environment


41) Sympathetic Leave

EDI cartoon 41. Sympathetic Leave

Martin’s not in today. I’m sure many of you can sympathise when you learn why, however. View our infographic to see how much internal work is required with different EDI solutions.


40) Kitchen clean-up

Handling EDI in-house can be messy

While it may seem like a good idea initially, handling EDI in-house is rarely the most efficient approach. View our infographic to see how much internal work is required with different EDI solutions.


39) Fixing bugs

This is the cartoon's short description. It shall describe the image, like you would do it for someone who is blind.

Are EDI tasks eating into your evenings? EDI as a Service can help!


38) Going mad

EDI cartoon 38

Martin isn’t the first to predict the end of EDI and probably won’t be the last. Regardless of this EDI isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Read our article on the future of EDI to find out why.


37) Camera on

EDI cartoon 37

Thankfully successful EDI doesn’t require a suit and tie. It does require top notch technology and experienced personnel though.


36) Couples therapy

EDI cartoon 36

An efficient EDI solution may not be able to save your marriage, but it might just be able to drastically reduce ERP migration issues. View ecosio’s solution.


35) Filling the role

EDI cartoon 35

If you’re finding getting hold of EDI support frustrating, it may be time for a change. At ecosio we understand the importance of fixing issues as quickly as possible, which is why we offer EDI as a Service.


34) X.12

EDI cartoon 34

Are you fed up of dealing with X.12 messages? With ecosio there’s no need to juggle multiple complicated connections. Learn more about how we handle routing.


33) Perfect date

EDI cartoon 33

Is your business as bad at receiving messages as Martin? See how ecosio handles routing.


32) And breathe

EDI cartoon 32

EDI shouldn’t be a headache. It should be something that helps your business to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Find out how ecosio can take the stress out of EDI.


31) Costume party

EDI cartoon 31

Are tricky EDI tasks turning you into a zombie? At ecosio we can help. Find out more.


30) Conflict resolution

EDI cartoon 30

Violence won’t get you anywhere… but outsourcing EDI tasks just might. View our infographic to find out how much work different types of EDI solution provider really do.


29) Office redesign

EDI cartoon 28

Is your company leaving EDI to the experts? Responsibility for EDI often falls to internal IT teams, despite the fact that most internal IT experts don’t have experience in this field. At ecosio we can help. Find out how.


28) Goodbye cruel world

EDI cartoon 28

Unable to cope with a growing EDI workload? At ecosio we take care of all EDI tasks, from initial setup right through to ongoing operation.


27) That Friday feeling

EDI cartoon 27

Are your Fridays filled up with fixing EDI errors? With ecosio’s EDI as a Service solution you can spend less time on EDI and more time on what you do best.


26) Office genie

EDI cartoon 2

Unfortunately not even a genie can grant such an impossible wish! You don’t need magic to experience hassle-free EDI though. View our infographic to see the many benefits a successful EDI solution can deliver.


25) New orders

EDI cartoon 25

Retailers giving you the cold shoulder? Maybe things would be different with more efficient EDI processes. View our infographic to see what successful EDI can offer.


24) Supplier systems

EDI cartoon 1

Are your suppliers stuck in the dark ages? With Web EDI you can achieve automated communication with even the smallest suppliers.


23) Zoltar

EDI cartoon 23

Would Martin’s fortune also apply to you? If so you may be interested in our white paper on how to achieve successful EDI integration in SAP.


22) Employee of the month

EDI cartoon 22

Want your EDI solution to produce results with minimal internal effort? Our helpful infographic shows how much much work is required from in-house teams with different types of EDI solution.


21) Hidden costs

EDI cartoon 21

Not taking the time to select the right EDI provider can have serious consequences. For more information on what to consider before making a decision please see our blog article on this topic.


20) Non-essential

EDI cartoon 19

Migrating to a new ERP system without planning for EDI integration is a recipe for disaster. To find out how to navigate this transition successfully, check out our white paper.


19) Dream delivery

EDI cartoon 19

As we cover in our podcast on avoiding supply chain fragility, delays have becoming increasingly common over the past few years. Even more reason to optimise and automate your B2B processes!


18) Same s***, different decade

EDI cartoon 18

At ecosio we’ve been helping companies to optimise their B2B integration processes for over 10 years and EDI has never been so central to supply chain success as it is today. Discover our unique solution, the Integration Hub.


17) Curse of the IT guy

EDI cartoon 3

Swamped with EDI issues and errors? With an EDI as a Service solution your provider takes care of everything for you – enabling you to focus on what you do best!


16) Error visibility

EDI cartoon 3

After real end-to-end EDI data visibility? As we cover in this article, EDI via API might be the answer.


15) Cloud storage

While the cloud might not be the best place for your laptop, it might just offer the perfect solution for your EDI processes. Find out more about our cloud-based EDI as a Service solution.


14) Outsourcing gone wrong

Want a truly hands-free solution? At ecosio, we take care of everything from initial setup to ongoing operation… plus we actually know what we’re doing! Learn more about our EDI as a Service solution and how deep EDI integration in your ERP system can benefit you.


13) Crossword conundrum

EDI cartoon 13

Is message routing more complicated than it should be for you? Discover ecosio’s solution routing.


12) Update request failed

Is outdated tech holding your business back? Learn more about ecosio’s cutting edge, future-proof solution via the Integration Hub.


11) EDI exhibition

EDI cartoon 3

Would your EDI landscape make a modern art masterpiece? If so you may like to learn more about how we can help you reduce complexity and costs when it comes to Value Added Networks (VANs).


10) The invisible man

EDI cartoon 2

Supplier relationships getting you down? At ecosio we handle everything from partner onboarding to ongoing operation, so you don’t have to! Discover our solution, the Integration Hub.


9) North pole nightmare

EDI cartoon 3

If Rudolph really wants to save Christmas he needs to try to convince St. Nick to move to EDI as a Service!


8) Bad suggestion

EDI cartoon 3

Had enough of frustrating EDI inconsistencies? Why not consider moving to an EDI as a service solution, where all EDI tasks are handled by your provider? For more information view our webinar on this topic.


7) The simple life

EDI cartoon 3

Fed up of complicated e-invoicing regulations? Our “E-invoicing in Europe” white paper gives a useful breakdown of current rules and upcoming changes. Find out about ecosio’s unique e-invoicing solution.


6) Language barrier

EDI cartoon 3

Next time just show them our helpful explanatory video –  “What is Electronic Data Interchange?


5) Logistics nightmare

EDI cartoon 4

Are you suffering supply chain problems? Why not check out our helpful webinar “10 Ways to Optimise Your EDI Processes (and 5 Mistakes to Avoid)“?


4) The long wait

EDI cartoon 4

Peppol issues getting you down? View our stat-filled infographic to find out what a comprehensive e-invoicing solution can do for you.


3) IP address mix-up

EDI cartoon 3

Tired of time-consuming back-and-forths with customers and suppliers? As we explore in this infographic, fully managed EDI takes leaves you to concentrate on more value-adding activities.


2) EDIFACT meltdown

EDI cartoon 2

Sick of unnecessarily complicated EDI processes? At ecosio we take care of everything so you don’t have to! Discover our solution, the Integration Hub.


1) Father of the bride

EDI cartoon 1

Don’t fancy missing your daughter’s wedding thanks to substandard EDI support? If only Martin had read our white paper The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes EDI Solution Buyers Make… and How to Avoid Them.



Martin’s journey will continue…

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