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Seamless B2B integration

Predictive Productivity

Accelerate your business with intelligent technology. Through seamless B2B integration we help you take your business to the next level by allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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Predictive Productivity

Accelerate B2B integration

Predictive Productivity reflects ecosio’s obsessive drive to leverage intelligent tech to power connected commerce. We help energise enterprises and accelerate their growth – and their time to value – by transforming how information is exchanged, converted, processed and monetised. We provide our clients with information intelligence on trading performance across their entire partner ecosystem – helping them forge more intimate and profitable engagements.

Deeper, faster, smarter, cleaner.

EDI services

Managed EDI

As a leading provider in the field of B2B integration, ecosio offers unrivalled expertise in deep EDI/ERP integration and the conversion and routing of EDI-messages.

We support companies by strengthening relationships, accelerating processes and optimising decisions – providing you with up-to-date solutions and giving you the edge over your competitors.

  • One single managed connection to all your partners
  • Personal support by EDI experts
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Supplier Relationship Management

Supply chain optimisation

Effective supplier relationship management (SRM) is essential if you are to grow your business and nurture a profitable relationship with your suppliers. ecosio will help you streamline these interactions, allowing successful communication with your suppliers while simplifying all related processes.

With ecosio’s Cloud-based managed solution, headache-inducing supplier onboarding is a thing of the past. With ecosio you can enjoy:

  • Simple connection with all suppliers, even those with no ERP system, via connection to a single platform
  • Securely encrypted data transmission
  • Cost-cutting process-automisation
  • Visibility of supplier activity and capacity to set internal and external targets

Secure invoicing in the Cloud

Making e-Invoicing easy

It can be tough to keep on top of the various country-specific regulations regarding electronic invoicing, and thanks to an increasing number of countries introducing updated rules and the increasing globalisation of business relationships, managing e-Invoicing isn’t likely to get easier any time soon.

Achieve peace of mind with ecosio’s e-Invoicing solution.

  • Lawful and efficient
  • Easy access to all invoices, anywhere, anytime
  • Simple delivery of invoices via various third-party networks (e.g. PEPPOL) in compliance with special delivery protocols
  • Expert monitoring

A unified solution

One platform, all partners

The ecosio Integration Hub brings all EDI services together in one managed network, resulting in smooth and efficient B2B Integration.

Accelerate your business with ecosio.

All our service modules can be easily combined according to your individual requirements.

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