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New Italian legal and fiscal requirements for e-invoicing had to be met. ecosio enabled HTI to do so – in less then 3 months.

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High-tech Italian Design

LEITNER ropeways, one of seven brands united by the HTI Group, is among the world’s leading and most significant manufacturers of ropeway systems. It provides innovative high-tech solutions, sleek design, top functionality and peerless quality. HTI (LEITNER, Poma, Prinoth, DemacLenko) succeed in their mission to excite winter sports enthusiasts and solve urban traffic problems with amazing projects all around the world.

As HTI is an Italian conglomerate, new legal and fiscal requirements had to be met regarding sending and receiving of electronic invoices. In a possibly record-setting project duration of less than three months, ecosio enabled HTI to achieve full legal compliance thanks to seamless integration of a single, fully-managed EDI connection into their SAP system.

Successful e-Invoicing

Before ecosio, all invoicing processes had to be done manually, meaning high effort and capacity pains for internal teams. As there was no prior technical or compliance expertise in electronic invoicing processes, HTI overcame the challenge of the new Italian legal requirements by trusting ecosio with taking over all e-invoicing matters.

“ecosio’s experts showed exemplary collaboration. They are always available to help and provide feedback and valuable inputs!”

– Michele Romano

Tasks, Solutions, KPIs

  • Full compliance with Italian B2B law

    Vendor and customer e-invoicing through SDI (Sistema di Interscambio)

  • 100% compatibility with SdI

    Full compliance with Italian signature, archiving and e-invoice transmission requirements

  • 100% compatibility with SAP

    Seamless EDI/SAP integration with transparent monitoring and full text search

  • One provider for all connections

    Full e-invoicing and EDI functionality for all procurement and distribution processes


< 3 months

In less than 3 months ecosio managed to achieve 100% e-invoicing capability and full compliance to Italian law and fiscal requirements.


1 single connection

ecosio’s fully managed EDI solution enables total flexibility and efficiency regarding new partners while connecting all HTI subsidiaries with a single connection to the integration hub.

Full Compliance
Full Integration

In addition to making sure that all e-invoicing messages are sent, received, structured and automated via Sistema de Interscambio (SDI) it was also necessary to implement the required setup at the Italian ministry of finance (Agenzia delle Entrate). Of particular concern here was the configuration of the codice destinatario (identification codes), which concerns both inbound (MM invoices) and outbound invoices (all SAP SD and FI invoices). Furthermore, ecosio managed to integrate the existing Vendor Invoice Management solution.

For the project implementation, 100% compatibility to SAP was mission critical. Using ecosio’s own cloud-based Integration Hub, a full EDI/SAP integration was feasible, connecting the already used archive system. Detailed visibility of a successful invoice transfer is now possible directly in the SAP user interface due to simple and transparent message monitoring of all incoming and outgoing invoices.

Fully Managed EDI
by Experts

Having detailed end-to-end knowledge all the way from SAP to SDI, ecosio successfully managed to coordinate business, IT, SAP, SAP SD/MM/FI consultants and the SDI service department.

Mr. Michele Romano, one of the key partners during the project, was particularly satisfied with the high expertise of ecosio’s team members and the fast and efficient implementation:

“ecosio provides a highly skillful team, which allows them meet both the goals and deadlines established successfully!”

– Michele Romano

We say: Thank you for trusting ecosio!


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