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With the full-service solution ecosio Integration Hub, the data exchange processes of all eurotrade shops in the Munich Airport run smoothly and efficiently.

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Thanks to ecosio’s Integration Hub, the data exchange processes of all eurotrade shops in the Munich Airport run smoothly and efficiently.

“If you are looking for an EDI service provider that walks the walk rather than just talking the talk, I can warmly recommend ecosio.”

– Eric Staub, IT Coordinator, eurotrade Munich Airport

A Perfect Landing


  • Uniform ordering processes (ORDERS, ORDRSP & SLSRPT) both in classic EDI and via Web EDI
  • Mapping of the delivery process with shipping notifications (EDI & Web EDI)
  • Mapping of the invoice process including debit note (EDI & Web EDI)
  • Interface for master data exchange (PRICAT) via EDI & Web EDI
  • Central tool for communication with suppliers


  • Productive use since: September 2018
  • Project period: September 2018 – 2nd quarter 2020
  • Huge time savings when processing orders
  • Reduced error rate


  • Classic EDI – flexible and individual EDI solution from ecosio
  • Web EDI – clear Web EDI portal for suppliers

The Challenge

With over 14,000 square metres of floor space, Munich Airport currently holds over 50 shops, from food to fashion and pop-ups to franchises. Since 1973, the airport’s subsidiary, eurotrade, has been responsible for travellers’ shopping experience.

Following a decision to move from their old ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Eurotrade Munich Airport’s IT Coordinator, Eric Staub, began the search for a new EDI solution. The aim was to reduce considerable manual efforts of the specialist departments and minimise errors.

Given the considerable differences in the size and type of eurotrade’s various suppliers (selling everything from books to tobacco), a flexible solution capable of coping with the specifics of each product category in the ordering process was required. Before the conversion, an email had been created and attached to every order. What’s more, since everyone was able to design the emails themselves virtually every email was in a different format!

“We suffocated in complexity. Our data exchange processes were complicated and manual, and even customised for many suppliers”

– Eric Staub, IT Coordinator, eurotrade Munich Airport

Although an external service provider was already working with a number of its partners, eurotrade contacted ecosio looking to achieve…

  • End-to-end document automation
  • Eradication of complex, manual data exchange processes
  • Implementation of standard exchange formats

The Solution

During the consultation process, it soon became apparent that in order to achieve complete automation of the ordering process, a classic EDI approach would have to be supplemented with Web EDI in a dual solution.

In addition to those partners with classic EDI capability, thanks to Web EDI, even smaller partners without EDI or even ERP systems could be onboarded. From eurotrade’s perspective both approaches produced the same outcome: efficient and reliable exchange of crucial data in standardised formats with complete end-to-end visibility via their Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface.

The agreed solution also included:

  • Increased automation (introduction of shipping notifications, invoice process and master data exchange solution)
  • Previously complex ordering process standardised and automated
  • Improved communication with suppliers through tooling

The Outcome

  • Huge time savings when processing orders (orders now sent with just one button press)
  • Significantly lowered message error rate (no longer possible to attach incorrect information)
  • End-to-end trading partner data automation
  • Improved data visibility
  • Peace of mind thanks to ongoing data monitoring and support from ecosio’s experts
  • Ability to quickly onboard future partners as necessary
munich airport shops

What They Said...

Q: What has been the impact of ecosio’s solution?
A: “The time-consuming process we struggled with previously has been broken up and optimised. Our IT department is also very happy about the EDI connection – now we save a lot of time that can be used elsewhere.”

Q: How did you find working with ecosio?
A: “We found ecosio to be professional, reliable and honest. The settlement process was done quickly, as discussed, and without changes. The suggestions that we gave as a customer were not only accepted, but often also implemented.”

Q: How easy do you find it to get support when needed?
A: “Our project manager Marlene Lindner is always available and takes care of all our concerns.”

Q: How does ecosio compare to other providers you’ve worked with?
A: “Through its blend of innovation, momentum and expertise, ecosio has proven to be a great partner for us compared to other EDI service providers.”

(Answers given by Eric Staub – IT Coordinator, eurotrade Munich Airport)

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