At ecosio we make supplier connections simple. Our user-friendly Web EDI solution allows you to connect to suppliers without their own EDI infrastructure.

Perfect for all ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, Infor and many more.

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Trusted by the best.

Alexander Hack, Head of Purchasing Schwandorf & Ronneburg | HORSCH

“With ecosio.WebEDI we can map our supplier processes digitally – including deep integration with the existing processes in SAP®. Together with ecosio.EDI, this creates real added value for our procurement processes.”

Ing. Roland Feichtenschlager, SAP Teamlead | Ottakringer

“A great EDI solution with a transparent cost structure and a competent and committed team.”

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White Paper for decision makers

A helpful introduction

Web EDI helps companies to extend process automation across their entire B2B network to include those suppliers that can’t be connected via “classic” EDI. Read our white paper to discover how Web EDI works and the many benefits it can offer.

On-demand webinar

A CIO's Guide to Electronic Data Interchange and B2B Integration

In this webinar we explain the basics of EDI, the specific benefits it can bring your business, and how integration should be handled to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.

ecosio Web EDI can help you...

Get fully connected!

Not all suppliers can or should be connected via classic EDI. For these partners Web EDI offers the perfect solution. Web EDI allows partners to exchange EDI documents via a simple web portal following a one-time setup (there’s no need for subsequent setups for future suppliers). The portal is then accessible to suppliers via a login.

The same advantages. Only more of them. For you, there are no discernible differences to classic EDI. ecosio’s Web EDI solution thus offers you the same advantages as classic EDI connections:

  • An optimised and fully digitised B2B partner network with central governance
  • Cost and time savings through automation
  • Relief for internal teams
  • Proactive, ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Due to its high process configurability, ecosio’s Web EDI solution can be used across all industries. Whether you’re in automotive, manufacturing, retail, trade or any other industry, ecosio’s Web EDI solution offers futureproof automated connections to your partners.

Keep your suppliers smiling :)

…as well as your internal teams. Because ecosio’s Web EDI solution is so simple and easy to use, it has a high level of acceptance among suppliers. This makes onboarding quick and hassle-free for everyone involved.

Trust is good. Our Web EDI is better. You retain full control over the Web EDI portal made available to suppliers and can determine which fields in the corresponding order response
documents can be customised by the supplier. In a nutshell: ecosio’s Web EDI solution can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

Upgrade at any time. If the volume of documents becomes too large for a supplier and a switch to classic EDI is desired, no effort is required from you. Instead, the process is managed from start to finish by ecosio’s experts, who will work directly with the supplier in question.

Our mission

Building the leading global network for automated B2B communication.

For us, every message matters.
EDI is who we are.

Our Team

Our Technology

Our Processes

Our Vision

Our Values

Group 40 ecosio Team Mitarbeiter

Who actually does all the work?

Our integration engineers, developers and document engineers are EDI experts with years of international experience. Believe it or not every ecosian loves EDI, which is why we’re always in such a good mood! For us, every message matters, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (…plus the 366th day every leap year of course).

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Transformative EDI via a single connection.

Technology is only as good as the team behind it – which is why we have the best technology. Not only does the ecosio Integration Hub set new standards in EDI and e-invoicing in the cloud, it also requires only a single connection. Through this single connection users experience an unparalleled level of integration in either their existing local EDI system or their ERP system directly.

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Delivering the seamless processes you deserve.

Our processes aren’t found in any textbook – yet. Because we create processes that are completely tailored to electronic data interchange, both in implementation and after go-live. Because we prioritise smooth partner onboarding, proactive troubleshooting and 24/7 support, each of our clients gets dedicated Integration Engineers to see every EDI project through.

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Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Because we have a shared vision: to maximise the efficiency of supply chains through automated B2B communication.

Our vision is derived from our firm belief that automated communication is better than all alternatives. Automated communication strengthens businesses and accelerates their growth.

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Our values are there for all.

We worked on our values for a long time until we realised that we already had them. They derive directly from our vision and help us to make the right decisions every day.

Reliability – Speed – Quality – Enthusiasm –
Transparency – Team spirit

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