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Integration Hub


The ecosio Integration Hub brings all EDI Services together in one Managed EDI Network, resulting in smooth and efficient B2B Integration.

Grafik ecosio Integration Hub

The ecosio Integration Hub

The ecosio Integration Hub is a central platform for all data exchange processes. A single connection to the ecosio Integration Hub fulfils all EDI requirements and enables routing, mapping, web supplier portals and e-Invoicing solutions. Our flexible service modules easily adapt to your business needs. Using the Integration Hub, we directly provide API Integration, onboarding and monitoring.

Overview of the ecosio Integration Hub connecting an ERP system to suppliers and customers using EDI

Enjoy seamless integration of your B2B processes with ecosio

Direct Integration

Through the Integration of our API in your ERP system, EDI processes are seamlessly integrated in the user interface. Rather than a managed connection to the ecosio Integration Hub, the connection is embedded directly in your ERP system as a native feature, enabling end-to-end monitoring in the user interface.

While several ERP systems with the ecosio interface currently exist on the market, you can find an overview of all ERP providers with API integration here:


Our EDI partner connections are worry-free. As well as offering comprehensive support during the implementation stage, we also offer regular maintenance services following set-up. And for smaller sub-suppliers and clients, Web EDI is the perfect solution.

24/7 Monitoring

ecosio’s services include the monitoring of your data exchange – this covers renewal of certificates as well as establishing new supplier and partner connections.

Complete services

All services can be combined in modular fashion to ensure your individual EDI requirements are met.

Your advantages with ecosio

  • One connection for all EDI partners
  • Data exchange with all protocols and formats
  • Direct integration in your ERP system via API and Web EDI
  • Flexible supply chain solutions
  • e-Invoicing solutions for legally compliant implementation

Everything at a glance

For a complete overview of your EDI processes, you can track all incoming and outgoing EDI messages in real time and see their delivery status. The system shows you whether a message has successfully been delivered to its recipient or if it has been handed over to a third-party network such as PEPPOL.

Using the ecosio API, the delivery status of a message can also be viewed directly through the ERP system.

  • Status overview for all sent and received messages
  • Full text search across all sent and received invoices and delivery notes
  • User management with unlimited users
  • Flexible message statistics with graphical representation of the message flow
  • Message archive with customisable retention periods
  • Download function for local use and processing
These clients and partners place their trust in ecosio

Get in touch

Interested in learning more about ecosio’s managed EDI services? We would be happy to advise you personally and develop an individual concept based on your EDI needs.

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