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Agricultural machinery

HORSCH helps customers to achieve sustainable agriculture. ecosio helps customers to achieve efficient B2B integration. A strong partnership quickly developed.

Within one generation, HORSCH succeeded in becoming one of the world’s most influential manufacturers and a pioneer in the field of agricultural machinery. HORSCH combines modern technology and a respect for nature to produce intelligent machines of the future that protect the present and preserve the best of the past.

It takes passion to accomplish such a task. But it also takes an efficient supplier network. ecosio supports HORSCH in exactly this field with a perfectly adapted EDI solution.

“An EDI connection of 90% within twelve months after integration of the software is probably unique in the industry or comparable branches of industry!”

– Alexander Hack
HEAD OF Purchasing

Challenges, Solutions and Key Figures

  • Automation of supplier communication

    Consistent use of EDI and Web EDI

  • Relief for the HORSCH purchasing team

    Removal of need for manual input to convert between formats

  • More efficient supplier communication

    Use of ecosio Supply for supplier management

  • Ability to exchange drawings

    ecosio’s centralised document management and EDI can also handle documents that include technical drawings (e.g. CAD)



By configuring the ecosio Integration Hub and connecting suppliers via Web EDI, the purchasing process was significantly improved



With the successful automation of supplier communication by means of the continuous use of EDI and Web EDI, pressure the HORSCH purchasing team was significantly lightened


90% in 12 months

Due to the professional cooperation of the ecosio project managers with the HORSCH suppliers and the use of Web EDI, a comprehensive connection could be implemented in record time.

Prior to working with ecosio, data exchange with supply chain partners was handled via email, PDF and fax. These communication processes came with several key disadvantages, including high manual data input and poor data transparency, which served to undermine HORSCH’s success

ecosio was able to achieve massive time savings in the incoming goods department both by receiving DESADV and by behind-the-scenes processing about 70% of the order confirmation. The implemented processes for processing deviating order confirmations also helped to relieve pressure on the HORSCH purchasing team.

HORSCH machinery

HORSCH’s SAP system can now be used more transparently and faster with the help of ecosio’s Integration Hub – especially with regard to drawing management. Furthermore, it was possible to automate both demand forecast and delivery forecast processes by integrating DELFOR document types and thus make the process considerably more efficient.

The expertise of ecosio’s employees proved crucial in achieving the above improvements, with Alexander Hack identifying”High qualification and know-how of personnel, fast and innovative solutions and excellent software performance” as the main reasons he is happy with HORSCH’s choice of ecosio.

EDI Partner

PSZ electronics GmbH

HORSCH’s partners and suppliers have also been impressed by ecosio’s performance. Alexander Hack comments: “ecosio is highly praised by the suppliers and gladly accepted as a partner. Some are even considering choosing ecosio as their EDI partner!”

“The cooperation of PSZ electronic GmbH with ecosio has proven itself in its entirety. Due to the high professional competence of ecosio’s experts in terms of coordination, integration and support in the context of EDI project planning, the HORSCH connection went absolutely smoothly.”

– Christoph Weiß

IT System administrator, PSZ electronics GmbH

A common solution

“Uncomplicated, goal-oriented, innovative and with a lot of expertise. This is a short and concise description of the cooperation with ecosio.

Thanks to the support of ecosio we were able to develop and integrate solutions in the areas of EDI, Web EDI and SRM (onboarding of new suppliers, automated demand forecasting, document management, handling of sampling and complaints etc…). The goal was to replace manual processes with automated ones in order to realise the required increases in efficiency for managing business activities. We are highly satisfied with the results!

Dr. Johann Neidl


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Agricultural machinery


HORSCH helps customers to achieve sustainable agriculture. ecosio helps customers to achieve efficient B2B integration. A strong partnership quickly developed.

Winter sports technologies


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