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With just one connection, Switzerland’s largest retail company reaches all EDI partners and routes all EDI data exchange using routing.

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Outsourcing to EDI experts

Migros is Switzerland’s largest retail company, made up of ten regional cooperatives that receive central services from the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB, Federation of Migros Cooperatives). Approximately 2,700 employees work at the 20 MGB locations.

Previously, the commercial giant’s ongoing X.400 data exchange with approximately 200 EDI partners as well as their X.400 providers and clearing centers was handled by Migros employees. Connection and coordination were often a challenge due to the extremely large number of communication partners. Since the transition, ecosio is now the single point of contact and manages the Migros collective’s EDI message transmission (routing).

“ecosio is an EDI routing partner that offers highest quality service and support, and shares know-how with Viennese charm.”


EDI in retail

Migros came to know ecosio because ecosio was connecting some Migros suppliers using AS2. Migros had long been interested in replacing the old fashioned system for X.400 data exchange, so approached ecosio about outsourcing the X.400 routing. Positive references and ecosio’s attractive offer quickly won over Kurt Tschallener and Stefano Vivarelli from the Migros Data Hub team. “Our goal was to simplify the EDI infrastructure – over the years, our X.400 solution had become outdated, and it required significant effort with many of our partners and providers,” explains Stefano Vivarelli, Applications Manager at MGB

“Our goal was to simplify the EDI infrastructure – over the years, our X.400 solution had become outdated, and it required significant effort with many of our partners and providers.”


Outsourcing EDI data traffic

The large number of Migros X.400 partners was an important factor when migrating message transfer from the existing X.400 solution to ecosio. Approximately 200 companies were transferred in three phases over a seven month period. There was also a hard constraint right at the beginning of the project: the migration of the first phase of EDI partners had to be finalized within six weeks, since a Migros communication component for this purpose would be taken out of service after this time.

ecosio took over the connection process from first contact through to monitoring, and managed the connection setup, contact data maintenance, and any necessary certificate exchanges. ecosio ensured undisturbed EDI operation 24/7 throughout the transition and implemented the necessary measures for the migration of all X.400 EDI partners on time.

“Outsourcing EDI routing means that Migros doesn’t need in-house infrastructure like X.400 mailboxes. This reduces EDI costs, especially in terms of transmission fees.”


Worry free data exchange

For Migros, the new solution means that all EDI partners can reach the ecosio Integration Hub for message exchange using X.400 – and also using all other common protocols or VANS. Messages are transferred from Migros to the ecosio Integration Hub in the recipient’s target format and passed on by ecosio to the recipient without conversion. All messages can be tracked and searched using full text search.

ecosio ensures 24/7 monitoring of EDI message traffic and provides for trouble-free, continuous EDI partner connection. ecosio’s redundant infrastructure and ongoing system control enable high reliability. In the event that an error occurs, ecosio immediately and proactively notifies Migros.

In addition to the X.400 connections, Migros also conducts data exchange using protocols like AS2 with EDI partners of varying sizes. Although these were not originally part of the project, the advantages of ecosio routing were then put to good use to connect with other EDI partners.

“We were so impressed by how ecosio implemented the X.400 routing project that we extended our collaboration to include data exchange using other protocols such as AS2 with EDI partners with low data volumes.”


Reliable routing partner

Using ecosio routing means that all X.400 data traffic with all 200 partners is managed by a single contact partner – ecosio. This greatly reduces the complexity of processes for Migros. Additionally, the new X.400 solution is more economical, since Migros no longer needs an X.400 mailbox, and ecosio can offer more competitive transmission fees.

Extensive EDI expertise and experience in connecting international locations make ecosio a valued partner for the Swiss retail company. The project was implemented quickly and reliably. “We were especially impressed by the competent and pleasant cooperation with ecosio’s project team. They were helpful, completed project milestones on time, and proactively informed us about progress,” summarizes Stefano Vivarelli.

“ecosio offers worry-free routing of EDI messages via the ecosio Integration Hub using X.400 and many other protocols, and roaming for many VANS.”


In a nutshell


  • Identification of all Migros partners to be transitioned, and provision of relevant lists
  • Together, segmentation of partners according to VAN/ network for migration in three phases
  • Division of partners in each phase into subgroups
  • Partner approach and coordination of the transition by ecosio – either directly with EDI partners or with partners’ VAN / EDI service providers
  • Communication with partners‘ EDI partners / service providers in German, English, Italian, and French
  • Together, scheduling milestones for phases and subgroups
  • After each subgroup transmission, increased monitoring in order to identify conversion problems or anomalies to usual traffic
  • Continuous reporting by ecosio to Migros
  • Quick reaction times by email and / or telephone for all involved parties: Migros, their EDI partners and/or EDI partner service providers
  • Complete implementation, managed by an ecosio team of three


  • Migration of all X.400 partners in three phases within 6-7 months, whereby migration of the first phase had to be complete within six weeks.


  • Project time frame: April 2017 – November 2017 (main project)
  • In operation since May 2017
  • Connected partners: approx. 200 EDI partners


  • Quick and secure routing of all EDI messages using the ecosio Integration Hub

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