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The German natural food pioneer chose ecosio as their EDI service provider to quickly and efficiently fulfil the requirements of their retail clients.

A dependable solution with predictable costs

Davert, located in the Münster region of Germany, produces and distributes certified organic natural food to organic supermarkets all over Europe. For over 30 years they have been producing, packaging, and distributing their high quality organic assortment of rice, legumes, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, sugar, and various seeds; as well as creative boil-in-the-bag products. Approximately 150 employees ensure high quality and sustainable production.

“If you’re looking to introduce EDI quickly and easily, choose ecosio – you’ll save time and get integrated solutions from a single source. ecosio made the decision easy for us; it quickly became apparent that they could do more for us than their competitors. ecosio took over cooperation and project communication with our clients and managed minor adaptations with mapping.”

Michael Diepenbrock ,Sales Controller Davert GmbH

Convincing offer

CSB, the ERP system Davert uses, is popular in the food segment and has its own EDI interface that Davert already used for two EDI relations. However, creating connections with the CSB customiser was time and cost intensive, and the solution proved inflexible. When Davert decided to implement further EDI connections, Michael Diepenbrock, Sales Controller at Davert, chose to look for an EDI service provider who could do this quickly and at predictable costs.

After initial research, ecosio emerged as a strong contender. Factors that cemented Davert’s decision to work with ecosio included their diverse list of references with representatives from the sector; positive personal contact; and transparent and competitive pricing.

Process optimisation

Before switching to ecosio, Michael Diepenbrock was not only dissatisfied with the unpredictable costs and time required to connect new EDI partners, but also with the system’s process management. He aimed to increase EDI process efficiency, especially with regards to manually processing new contracts for incoming orders.

With the old system, it simply was not possible to quickly fulfill Davert’s EDI business partners’ requirements. “Our biggest challenge was our ERP system. We weren’t able to make in-house adaptations to interfaces. When we needed support from our customisers, waiting times sometimes became significantly longer,” explains Michael Diepenbrock.

“ecosio API allows quick implementation and predictable costs when connecting new EDI partners. Just one connection with our ecosio Integration Hub allowed Davert to reach all their EDI partners. 24/7 monitoring of all incoming and outgoing messages completes the package.”

Marco Zapletal, Managing Director, ecosio GmbH

ecosio Integration Hub – flexible and reliable

With just one connection between the ERP system CSB and the ecosio Integration Hub – in this case using SFTP – Davert fulfills all of its partners’ EDI requirements without the need for in-house know-how. Since they began outsourcing their EDI tasks, all messages and data are transferred using the ecosio Integration Hub, where it is converted to the target format and then delivered to the recipient – and vice versa. ecosio manages EDI partner connection, from initial communication through installation and administration, as well as central monitoring of various protocols (AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SMTP or web services) and documents. The redundant systems installed in ecosio’s technical infrastructure make it highly reliable.

In addition to ecosio’s monitoring, Davert also has access to continual technical monitoring in the web browser. ecosio also provides maintenance for data exchange, including renewing certificates.

Successful implementation

With ecosio’s Integration Hub, Davert has been able to significantly minimise time spent on all kinds of in-house manual adaptations of the EDI system, leading to an overall increase in process efficiency. “We currently handle about 20-30 orders a week using EDI. With between 1 and 150 positions per order, you can easily imagine how much time we are saving through automated order input alone,” explains Diepenbrock. After successful implementation of ORDERS and INVOIC – with automated data input that is faster and less error-prone – the next step will be to add DESADV.

Communication between the project teams also went off without a hitch “I was always informed and in the loop. We agreed upon next steps, so I was always up to date,” says Michael Dipenbrock. Thanks to successful outsourcing to ecosio, Davert doesn’t need to spend time or money building up an internal EDI team. Newly freed-up resources have been invested in new projects. “We haven’t decreased personnel because of EDI; we’ve been able to start projects that had been in the pipeline,” explains Diepenbrock.

“The completed EDI connections are up and running securely and error free. With ecosio we were able to implement new partner connections and optimise our internal processes in record time.“

Michael Diepenbrock ,Sales Controller Davert GmbH

In a nutshell


  • Quick implementation and cost security in connecting new EDI partners
  • Increased efficiency and continuous EDI process monitoring


  • Project plan coordination with Davert
  • Preliminary information to clients, agreement on documents and protocols
  • Connection of new EDI partners (no existing EDI connection)
  • Transition of existing EDI partners to the new solution
  • Continuous support for connection and activation of new EDI partners


  • In operation since: March 2017, with additional new connections on a regular basis since then
  • Connected partners until November 2017 include dm Drogeriemarkt (numerous national subsidiaries), REWE Germany, Biogast GmbH, Weiling GmbH, Terra Naturkost Handels KG


  • ecosio Integration Hub – ecosio’s flexible and individual EDI solution

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