Austria's only listed beverage group has migrated its entire EDI messaging to the ecosio Integration Hub, thereby reducing the cost of electronic messaging by more than 50%

A Substantial EDI Migration

Ottakringer Getränke AG is Austria’s only listed beverage group and, as a family-owned group, is completely in Austrian hands. This includes the Ottakringer Brewery, Vöslauer Mineral Water and wine and beverage retailer Del Fabro Kolarik. The volume of goods sold is impressive, with more than 3.6 million hectolitres of beverages sold in 2018 alone.

This makes Ottakringer one of the best-known suppliers to the wholesale and retail trade in Austria. For Ottakringer, uninterrupted automated messaging with retailers is critical. To guarantee this, Ottakringer has migrated the entire EDI message traffic to the ecosio Integration Hub – resulting in several key benefits.

Prior to the partnership with ecosio, Ottakringer’s data exchange was already carried out via an EDI service provider – nevertheless, the activation of new partners and the integration of new message types required a lot of time and effort from the internal team. Significantly, this also included the coordination between partners and service provider, which was particularly time-consuming. In addition to the time component, the cost structure of the entire message transmission was also reviewed. Following this review, a new EDI service provider was sought that could implement a fully managed solution and one which was both future-proof and more cost-effective.

“A great EDI solution with a transparent cost structure and a competent and committed team”

SAP Teamlead Ottakringer Getränke AG


Solutions and key figures

  • Complete EDI migration

    Change of EDI processes from the old provider to the ecosio Integration Hub

  • Seamless integration into the ERP system

    Complete range of functions directly in the user interface of Ottakringer’s ERP system

  • Uninterrupted transmissions and full text search

    24/7 end-to-end monitoring

  • Efficient onboarding of new partners

    Fully managed EDI with a dedicated project manager for each partner connection



ecosio was able to reduce the annual message transmission costs by more than half compared to those offered by the previous EDI service provider



By switching to ecosio, and thanks to having a dedicated project manager, the time spent onboarding new business partners was reduced by over two thirds

Onboarding made simple

In only a short space of time, ecosio’s team succeeded in taking over all existing customer connections from the previous EDI service provider and migrating them to the ecosio Integration Hub. As a result, all automated electronic communication now runs via a single fully managed connection from ecosio to all customers and suppliers. This means a massive relief for the internal IT team, as ecosio now handles all testing, routing, monitoring and coordination with customers.

New partners are now handled by a dedicated project manager without the intervention of the internal team. Connections are also extensively tested before going live – an important element of a fully managed solution. This was a key benefit for Ing. Feichtenschlager, who noted: “After the successful integration of a pilot customer, the communication between us and the structured process at ecosio convinced me”.

Now, above all, uninterrupted EDI operation with customers is also a business-critical factor for Ottakringer, as VMI processes must be adhered to (this means that the supplier is responsible for the stocks of his goods at the customer’s premises). Thanks to round-the-clock message monitoring, ecosio can take care of and correct any errors that may occur at any time and in real time.


Ottakringer’s customers are also satisfied with both the migration of connections and ecosio’s processes. “The transition to ecosio went smoothly and gave the trade no cause for complaint. The existing sales processes continued to run without any interruption”, says Roland.

Almdudler Logo

“If we had not been informed that Ottakringer was changing service provider we would not have noticed.”

– Sabine Puwein
Supply Chain Management, Almdudler Limonade A. & S. Klein GmbH & Co KG

“The new onboarding of customers and suppliers is much easier and more effective for me. The monitoring interface is simple and clear to use. And of course the overall costs are better for us now.

ecosio radiates transparency, spirit and enthusiasm and is more than competent in its field. In particular ecosio’s know-how regarding our ERP system was an advantage for the implementation. The processes with the customers are also known, so that any special cases that arose could be handled efficiently during onboarding.

– Roland Feichtenschlager
SAP Teamlead Ottakringer Getränke AG


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Austria's only listed beverage group has migrated its entire EDI messaging to the ecosio Integration Hub, thereby reducing the cost of electronic messaging by more than 50%

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