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Unlocking the Secrets to EDI / ERP Integration Success

Download our comprehensive white paper to discover the key steps you need to take to achieve effective EDI integration in your ERP system.

What constitutes successful EDI/ERP integration?

Given the plethora of variables affecting successful EDI implementation in ERP systems, selecting the appropriate EDI solution and integration strategy can be an extremely confusing process. As a result, often under time pressure, many IT decision makers make poor and ultimately costly choices.

Although full B2B interchange automation can bring huge benefits and savings, these are hugely undermined if an ill-fitting solution is selected.

By examining the pitfalls of separate converter solutions, the benefits of full integration, what deep integration really looks like and the practical steps you can take to ensure your integration project is a success, this white paper aims to help simplify the process and ensure you are well placed to make the right choices moving forward.

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