For EDI to fulfil its full potential, access to information shouldn't be limited to IT. Relieve your IT team and reap the benefits of intelligent automation with end-to-end visibility of EDI processes and simple self-service functionality within your existing ERP system.

ecosio offers integrations for ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, Infor and many more.

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Trusted by the best.

Eric Staub, IT Coordinator | Eurotrade Munich Airport

“If you’re looking for an EDI service provider that walks the walk rather than just talking the talk, I can warmly recommend ecosio.”

Roland Feichtenschlager, SAP Teamlead | Ottakringer Getränke AG

“A great EDI solution with a transparent cost structure and a competent and committed team.”

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White Paper

Integration = success

Full automation of B2B message exchange can bring huge benefits and savings… but only if you select a solution that fits.

By examining the pitfalls of separate converter solutions, the benefits of full integration, what deep integration really looks like and the practical steps you can take to ensure your integration project is a success, this white paper aims to help simplify the process and ensure you make the right choice.


What benefits can EDI offer you?

Electronic Data Interchange has long been a tool used by supply chain businesses to streamline crucial processes and boost time and cost efficiency – but what concrete results can you actually expect EDI to deliver?

Download our stat-packed, printable infographic to discover the many benefits that EDI can bring to your business – particularly when the EDI solution is deeply integrated into your ERP system.


Discover the Potential of Deep ERP Integration

Join ecosio’s experts as they explore the interesting advantages of conducting EDI via an API connection and how this compares to other approaches.

What deep EDI-ERP integration means:

EDI access for all.

Relieve your IT team and provide real EDI self-service for other departments. By integrating EDI processes into your existing ERP system’s user interface via our API, access to EDI information and messages is expanded. Specialist departments are able to see and understand EDI processes and can act to resolve issues directly if required – removing the need for time- and resource-intensive interactions with IT.

Search easily. Search everything. With ecosio’s EDI as a Service solution departments can search all documents and protocol metadata (file names, message IDs, etc.) directly. As content of each EDI message is recorded in the search index, users can include or exclude content from searches, limit by date, use Boolean operators… ah! Found it!

A direct line to Connections That Work. Need support or quick troubleshooting? ecosio acts as your singe-point-of-contact – instead of tedious phone calls with support personnel who are unfamiliar with your situation, experience proactive help and problem solving when you need it.

Everything up front.

Finally, full traceability for those outside IT. With ecosio’s EDI as a a Service solution the status of all exchanged messages is clearly displayed and continuously updated in your ERP interface. This means that the department in question always knows whether a message has been successfully delivered or not. This saves unnecessary and time-consuming communication with suppliers, customers or third parties.

Monitoring that never stops. Message statuses are visible right up to the final recipient (instead of only up to the EDI service provider). This way, departments know immediately and verifiably whether a message was sent correctly, if it arrived, and if not, where it got stuck.

Ready to support your growth.

Flexible, scalable, future-proof EDI. Just like that. Seamless EDI integration in your ERP system by ecosio means a hassle-free solution via the cloud that can satisfy all current and future EDI requirements. Support for all common EDI protocols and formats is just the beginning…

E-invoicing and Peppol. Ready when you need to be. More and more countries are mandating the use of certain e-invoice formats, protocols (such as Peppol) and web services. Unfortunately, this means technical requirements are constantly changing. With ecosio you can achieve technical e-invoice compliance directly in your ERP system – all without internal effort or expertise.

Manage your suppliers more easily. Suppliers don’t have their own EDI functionality? With Web EDI you can still exchange messages with them automatically – without any visible difference to classic EDI in your ERP system. And this is just one of several additional supplier management functionalities that can be added when required.

Our mission

Building the leading global network for automated B2B communication.

For us, every message matters.
EDI is who we are.

Our Team

Our Technology

Our Processes

Our Vision

Our Values

Group 40

Who actually does all the work?

Our integration engineers, developers and document engineers are EDI experts with years of international experience. Believe it or not every ecosian loves EDI, which is why we’re always in such a good mood! For us, every message matters, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (…plus the 366th day every leap year of course).

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Our Technology

Transformative EDI via a single connection.

Technology is only as good as the team behind it – which is why we have the best technology. Not only does the ecosio Integration Hub set new standards in EDI, supplier portals and e-invoicing in the cloud, it also requires only a single connection. Through this single connection users experience an unparalleled level of integration in either their existing local EDI system or their ERP system directly.

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Delivering the seamless processes you deserve.

Our processes are not found in any textbook – yet. We create processes that are completely tailored to electronic data interchange, both in implementation and after go-live. Because we prioritise smooth partner onboarding, proactive troubleshooting and 24/7 support, each of our clients gets dedicated Integration Engineers to see every EDI project through.

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Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Because we have a shared vision: to maximise the efficiency of supply chains through automated B2B communication.

Our vision is derived from our firm belief that automated communication is better than all alternatives. Automated communication strengthens businesses and accelerates their growth.

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Our values are there for all.

We worked on our values for a long time until we realised that we already had them. They derive directly from our vision and help us to make the right decisions every day.

Reliability – Speed – Quality – Enthusiasm –
Transparency – Team spirit

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