Back to the Future - Fully Managed EDI for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Keen to optimise your EDI processes in SAP but unsure of the best way forward?

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What we'll cover

Thanks to the complexity that accompanies the organic growth of inhouse EDI processes, historical EDI solutions are often plagued by inefficiency. In particular, in systems where much has been implemented on a per-partner basis, there is typically little scope for reuse of work, meaning every partner connection is as difficult as the last. Across a jumble of connection types and software platforms, too, even simple tasks such as message monitoring and error resolution become complicated and time consuming.

Thankfully, as we’ll explore in this webinar, all these issues and more can be resolved by migrating to fully managed EDI. Join ecosio’s experts to learn what a successful B2B integration system looks like in SAP ERP and S/4HANA, what migration involves, and what you can do to move towards efficient, future-proof EDI.

Topics covered will include:

  • How can I move my scattered SAP EDI landscape to a fully managed EDI solution?
  • How do I preserve my custom code while still being able to exchange using modern technologies (e.g. IDocs)?
  • How will migration to a fully managed solution impact my infrastructure and inhouse teams?
  • What are the implications for supplier and customer processes and which other partner processes can be optimised?
  • What does roll-out of a fully managed EDI solution look like?
  • How does monitoring and error resolution work in such a solution?
  • Buy or build? Which makes more sense?

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Ingrid Adrigan

“ecosio enabled our team to gain a clearer understanding of key processes.”

Paolo Catti

“Content was useful and clearly expressed. I also appreciated the passion with which information was shared.”

About the speaker

Dr Philipp Liegl manages the operational business at ecosio and coordinates the handling of customer projects.

  • UN/CEFACT standardisation contributor
  • Over 15 years of EDI project experience in FMCG, retail, manufacturing, industry and automotive
  • Coordinated international EDI and e-invoicing projects as technical project leader
  • Still loves to tinker around with integration challenges – in particular with SAP

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