ecosio.EDI – ONE connection for all of your EDI partners

ONE connection for all your partners

Routing and conversion

Reach all of your business partners and fulfill all of your EDI needs with just one simple connection to ecosio.MessagingHub. ecosio.MessagingHub converts messages into the desired target format and delivers them to the recipient – and vice versa. ecosio takes care of EDI partner connections from new partner connection and onboarding to maintenance of various protocols (AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SMTP or web services) and documents.

What we offer

  • ONE connection for all of your EDI partners
  • No effort for maintenance of existing connections
  • Easy connection with small sub-suppliers and clients, e.g. via ecosio.Web

We manage the entire setup and onboarding of EDI connections, administration, and central monitoring for ecosio.EDI clients. We connect companies with their business partners via AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SMTP or RESTful API. If none of these connections is possible, we can use the EFEX client which, when locally installed, creates the connection to ecosio.MessagingHub.

Why choose ecosio?

With ecosio, you can always depend on expert assistance for concept development and problem solving. We are committed to providing the highest-level personal support. Quick reaction times and dependability are our trademarks.


Routing –
The navigation system for your messages

Let us worry about your business partners’ transmissions protocols. Your company’s messages are always sent and received via the same connection; we take care of pickup and delivery. With ecosio.Monitor, you can check the status of every message.

Conversion –
We speak every language

We’ll also take care of conversion. The company always sends its documents in the same formats to ecosio.MessageingHub, and incoming messages are always forwarded to the company in the same format. Leave the translation to ecosio.MessagingHub.

Digital signatures –
There’s only one original

If requested by a business partner or required by local legislation, the ecosio.MessagingHub can provide any message with the appropriate digital signature. Digital signatures guarantee the authentication, non-repudiation, and integrity of a message.

Archiving –
In good hands with ecosio

By default, messages are stored for at least three months on the ecosio.MessagingHub. On request, the message storage period can be prolonged to ensure fulfillment of the archiving requirements for electronic messages, especially invoices.


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ecosio.Monitor – is everything under control?

ecosio.Monitor gives you a comprehensive overview of all incoming and outgoing EDI messages, all the time.

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