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How to Make Your SAP System or SAP Add-on Ready for EDI and E-invoicing

Are you looking to implement a successful EDI solution in your SAP system but unsure of the best approach?

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With supply chain automation and mandatory e-invoicing growing in popularity across Europe (and further afield), EDI is becoming an essential part of modern ERP systems. When it comes to implementing an EDI solution in SAP systems, there are a multitude of responsibilities that must be juggled and processes established if a successful outcome is to be achieved.

In this webinar we will help you understand what is involved in integrating an EDI solution into your SAP system and what approach makes most sense for your business.

Topics covered will include:

  • E-invoicing in Europe today
  • What are my different SAP-EDI integration options?
  • Achieving a future-proof solution
  • What is fully managed EDI?
  • The key to a smooth migration
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Dr. Philipp Liegl

At ecosio Philipp is responsible for the operational business and coordinates the customer projects. Thereby, he consults international companies in the development of appropriate concepts and solutions for the realization of electronic data interchange – mainly in SAP ERP environments.

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