E-invoicing in Romania

Looking for clarity on e-invoicing in Romania? Join ecosio’s experts for a detailed breakdown of current and upcoming regulations and requirements.

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Of all the countries in Europe, Romania has by far the largest gap between expected and collected VAT revenue, with their VAT gap standing at a whopping 36.7%!

Given this figure, it’s no surprise that the Romanian government is keen to make e-invoicing mandatory in the country. In the last 12 months in particular, large steps have been taken towards this end goal. While the initial compliance deadlines proposed in late 2023 have already been pushed back, the government is still keen to implement strict new measures as quickly as possible, meaning those affected don’t have long left to adapt their systems.

In this webinar ecosio’s e-invoicing expert Chris Newman will explore Romania’s e-invoicing regulations in detail, looking at what the technical requirements include, what they mean for you, and how recent developments in the country compare to those elsewhere in Europe.


  • Recent and upcoming changes
  • Who will be affected
  • How to achieve compliance
  • Top tips for achieving a futureproof e-invoicing solution
  • The trend towards continuous transaction control (CTC)We will also attempt to clarify any ambiguities or open questions in a Q&A session at the end. To register, simply enter your details!
Ingrid Adrigan

“ecosio enabled our team to gain a clearer understanding of key processes.”

Paolo Catti

“Content was useful and clearly expressed. I also appreciated the passion with which information was shared.”

About the speaker

Chris Newman

Chris Newman is the Senior Product Manager E-invoicing B2B/B2G at ecosio.

Chris has over 14 years of experience with EDI integration. He has worked as a Product Manager for e-invoicing for over 5 years and is the go-to guy at ecosio for regulatory and legislative developments in the e-invoicing sphere.

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