Storck headquarters

Sweets manufacturer

August Storck

The well-known German sweets manufacturer uses ecosio's Integration Hub to reduce complexity and costs.

A sweet deal for Storck

August Storck KG, founded in 1903, is a sweets manufacturer headquartered in Berlin with additional production sites in Germany. The company’s brands and products – including Nimm2, Merci, Toffifee, and many more – are known and loved in over 100 countries. Today, over 5,000 employees worldwide contribute to the success of Storck’s brands.

In 2012, after performing considerable market research, August Storck chose ecosio to be its EDI provider. ecosio was just introducing the ecosio Integration Hub EDI platform to the market, and Storck was attracted by the many advantages of its modern and flexible infrastructure. Storck and ecosio have enjoyed an excellent business relationship ever since.

Flexible and reliable

As Jens Kriese, from August Storck’s department of business process technology & EDI processes, notes: “Once a company reaches a certain size, optimizing electronic business processes is a must in order to ensure connection with business partners and service providers. The only way to guarantee quick and smooth delivery for our clients is by using EDI.

We used to have an X.400 connection with a different provider. It was expensive and prone to disruptions. Only a few partners were connected using AS2. ‘Missing data’ was a frequent occurrence with some of our European partners, and investigation with our old provider was cumbersome and rarely produced clear error reports.

A partner company recommended ecosio, and when the offer promised savings compared with their current X.400 provider, Storck was interested.

“Storck has always been a trailblazer with regards to innovative electronic solutions. They have their own EDI department and began working with a converter solution early on.”


So as not to impede the converter changeover that was happening at the same time, configuration efforts at Storck were kept to a minimum. Additionally, the conversion had to be implemented in various partner countries. In the meantime, Storck has transferred all incoming and outgoing EDI processes to AS2, and stopped using X.400 connections altogether.

The ecosio Integration Hub includes real-time monitoring of the current status of all EDI exchange processes. Additionally, it offers an API interface that makes it possible to integrate end-to-end monitoring in a company’s system, and thus allows the company to maintain complete control of its EDI messages.

“We converted our X.400 partners batches according to country, which allowed us to inform our partners specifically about the conversion dates and coordinate internal controls. Ever since, data has been seamlessly transferred from ecosio to Storck using AS2. Instead of endless X.400 partners, we now have one single AS2 partner: ecosio – this simplifies our monitoring significantly. From our perspective the conversion process – even with our international partners – was seamless!”


The results

Cost savings

Compared to previous contracts with X.400 and Editel etc. working with ecosio has allowed Storck to reduce transmission costs significantly. ecosio’s streamlined processes, powerful technology and experienced personnel also helped Storck to further reduce EDI costs.

Simple partner onboarding

Direct connection of suppliers is now available on request and is handled quickly by ecosio’s experts.

Fast and reliable support

When issues arise there is only one partner to contact, and everything happens faster and more cost-effectively. As Jens Kriese notes, “Since Marco Zapletal was our one central contact partner, we could communicate our wishes and requirements simply and directly. Responses were always quick and precise.”

Today, almost a decade after the start of the relationship the solution works as smoothly as ever.

“We are completely satisfied. ecosio’s support team is helpful and courteous, and we were extremely pleased with their goal-oriented and quick implementation of our requirements. We recommend ecosio to all of our partners.”


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