9 minute read

Using EDIFACT Parties Correctly - A Breakdown

Errors involving EDIFACT party codes (or EDIFACT parties) are a key cause of master data issues. Find out why.

10 minute read

EDI File Formats Explained

What are EDI file formats and how do they differ from one another? In this article we look in detail at five of the most common EDI standards.

4 minute read

Doing EDI with Boots: A Supplier’s Guide

Become one of Boots' suppliers by enabling your business to exchange B2B documents with Boots via EDI. Read our guide to find out how!

4 minute read

Doing EDI with Tesco - A Guide

A step by step guide to setting up an EDI connection with Tesco. Enable your business to benefit from automated document exchange.

4 minute read

An Introduction to Doing EDI with Sainsbury's

Interested in doing EDI with Sainsbury's? Our concise guide contains the key information you'll need to set up a connection.

4 minute read

How to Set Up an EDI Connection with M&S

A simple guide to the steps involved in setting up a connection to allow your business to start doing EDI with M&S. Let us help you get connected!

5 minute read

The 7 EDI Documents Typically Found in a Trading Partner Cycle

The typical flow of the 7 most common EDI documents exchanged between a buyer and seller in a trading partner cycle and EDI process.

3 minute read

What is a REMADV Message?

We demonstrate how a REMADV can be integrated into a classic procurement process and what the advantages are for a business.

13 minute read

What is a DESADV with SSCC and Why Should I Care?

DESADV with SSCC - why are they used in conjunction and how are they combined when it comes to sending DESADV messages? Find out more.

6 minute read

Overview of the EDIFACT EANCOM format

A comprehensive overview of EANCOM - the world's most popular EDIFACT subset and the dominant format in the consumer goods industy.

3 minute read

What is a DESADV message?

What does DESADV stand for and what are the most important aspects to consider when working with DESADV messages? Let's find out...

14 minute read

EDI Standards Overview - Structure of an EDIFACT File

EDIFACT remains the workhorse of electronic data interchange. This article will analyse the schematic structure of an EDIFACT file.

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