9 minute read

Using EDIFACT Parties Correctly - A Breakdown

Errors involving EDIFACT party codes (or EDIFACT parties) are a key cause of master data issues. Find out why.

4 minute read

Electronic Invoicing in Hungary - Transmission to the NAV System

Now that the mandatory e-invoicing has already been introduced in several European countries, the Republic of Hungary is also moving ahead.

3 minute read

EDIFACT PRI Segment - Calculation Net vs. Calculation Gross

The composition of an EDIFACT PRI segment can be confusing. In this article we explain and present the definition of gross and net prices.

5 minute read

The 7 EDI Documents Typically Found in a Trading Partner Cycle

The typical flow of the 7 most common EDI documents exchanged between a buyer and seller in a trading partner cycle and EDI process.

3 minute read

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Reference Processes for EDI

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a core SAP system module. In this article, we explore the most important IDoc reference processes.

27 minute read

Composition and Structure of an INVOIC IDoc in SAP ERP

In this article we demonstrate the structure of an INVOIC IDoc and take a closer look at the specifics of the various IDoc elements.

3 minute read

Why cloud-based EDI solutions are a silver lining for your business

Thinking about making the jump to cloud-based EDI management, but still not sure if it’s right for you and your business? Here are four powerful reasons why it’s worth considering...

6 minute read

Overview of the EDIFACT EANCOM format

A comprehensive overview of EANCOM - the world's most popular EDIFACT subset and the dominant format in the consumer goods industy.

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