9 minute read

Using EDIFACT Parties Correctly - A Breakdown

Errors involving EDIFACT party codes (or EDIFACT parties) are a key cause of master data issues. Find out why.

10 minute read

EDI File Formats Explained

What are EDI file formats and how do they differ from one another? In this article we look in detail at five of the most common EDI standards.

8 minute read

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the Help of VDA Standards

Interested in a brief insight of the VDA and the standards it established for data interaction? Click to read our article.

3 minute read

What is a Tier supplier?

In this article we explain what a tier supplier is and explore an example from the automotive industry, where the term is particularly common...

2 minute read

VDA 4938 - the new standard for electronic invoices in the automotive industry

VDA 4938 is the new standard for electronic invoicing in the automotive industry. We introduce the most important concepts of the standard and explain its four components.

6 minute read

The essential details of the VDA 4905 call off message

The VDA 4905 specification regulates the transmission of delivery call-offs via EDI. Delivery call-offs are used primarily by the automotive industry, serving to transmit requirements for materials and their schedules.

3 minute read

What is a DESADV message?

What does DESADV stand for and what are the most important aspects to consider when working with DESADV messages? Let's find out...

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