EDI Standards

4 minute read

Supply Chain Automation via EDI - The Four Main Hurdles

Successful supply chain automation is impossible without reliable EDI processes. However, implementing a EDI solution comes with challenges...

7 minute read

Integrating an XML Checker into Your ERP System

What are the benefits of integrating an XML checker into your system and how easy is it to do? Read our article to find out!

4 minute read

The Structure of an ANSI ASC X12 File

What do the segments of an ANSI ASC X12 file look like in detail and how can EDI messages be made more specific with Repeating Data Elements?

7 minute read

How Peppol IDs Work

Wondering what a Peppol ID is, how to get one and why it is necessary for document exchange via Peppol? Let us answer your questions!

10 minute read

EDI File Formats Explained

What are EDI file formats and how do they differ from one another? In this article we look in detail at five of the most common EDI standards.

5 minute read

Create and Process UBL Documents with Attachments in SAP

Enable your SAP solution for UBL based e-Invoicing over Peppol. Click here for an example case based on the XRechnung in Germany.

3 minute read

What is a DUNS Number?

In modern business environments, companies must be able to correctly identify their partners. DUNS numbers make it possible since 1962.

8 minute read

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the Help of VDA Standards

Interested in a brief insight of the VDA and the standards it established for data interaction? Click to read our article.

3 minute read

What is a REMADV Message?

We demonstrate how a REMADV can be integrated into a classic procurement process and what the advantages are for a business.

2 minute read

VDA 4938 - the new standard for electronic invoices in the automotive industry

VDA 4938 is the new standard for electronic invoicing in the automotive industry. We introduce the most important concepts of the standard and explain its four components.

14 minute read

EDI Standards Overview - Structure of an EDIFACT File

EDIFACT remains the workhorse of electronic data interchange. This article will analyse the schematic structure of an EDIFACT file.

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