7 minute read

EDI Interfaces Explained

Find out how EDI interfaces work, what benefits they bring, and what separates a good EDI interface from a great one!

8 minute read

Common EDI Errors and How to Fix Them

Resolving EDI errors is a crucial part of maintaining automated B2B connections. See the most common issues and how to eliminate them here.

8 minute read

Peppol Message Responses - A Helpful Guide

Peppol acknowledgements, message level responses and business level responses are a key part of what makes Peppol such an attractive prospect for modern B2B data exchange. Find out how they...

10 minute read

Supplier EDI Onboarding - The Seven Key Steps

Supplier EDI onboarding needn't be confusing. In this article we go though the process chronologically, outlining the seven key steps.

7 minute read

How Peppol IDs Work

Wondering what a Peppol ID is, how to get one and why it is necessary for document exchange via Peppol? Let us answer your questions!

11 minute read

The Real Cost of EDI: Considering Pricing When Selecting an EDI Software Vendor

Having trouble selecting an EDI software vendor? Read our helpful article to make sure you know how to identify real value when it comes to implementing an effective EDI solution.

5 minute read

Create and Process UBL Documents with Attachments in SAP

Enable your SAP solution for UBL based e-Invoicing over Peppol. Click here for an example case based on the XRechnung in Germany.

12 minute read

EDI_DC40: Understand the SAP IDoc Control Record

A correctly filled control header is essential for the identification and processing of IDocs. We show what settings are needed in SAP.

5 minute read

What is Electronic Data Interchange and What Are its Benefits?

Automating business processes profits the development of modern businesses. But how does B2B integration via EDI profit your daily operations?

2 minute read

How Can I Apply for a GLN / GTIN / SSCC?

Companies rely on unique identifiers such as GLN, GTIN or SSCC to allow for seamless B2B integration. Find out how to fulfil requirements.

5 minute read

What is a GTIN?

What is a GTIN number used for and how is it structured? In this article we examine the most important facts around a GTIN.

3 minute read

What is an Order-to-Cash process?

The term Order-to-Cash is often used in connection with B2B processes. What is an Order-to-Cash process and how is this supported in an ERP system such as SAP?

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