VAN Connectivity

8 minute read

Common EDI Errors and How to Fix Them

Resolving EDI errors is a crucial part of maintaining automated B2B connections. See the most common issues and how to eliminate them here.

8 minute read

An Introduction to the Four Main EDI Methods

Do you know which of the main EDI methods makes most sense for your business? To help, in this article we break each method down one by one.

4 minute read

Improving Your VAN landscape

Complicated VAN landscapes are common in EDI. But routing messages to partners via VANs needn't be such a difficult task...

4 minute read

Five Reasons Handling VAN Connections In-house is Unwise

VAN connections can be time consuming and costly if not handled correctly. Find out why an in-house approach might not be for you.

9 minute read

Alternative Solutions for EDI Data Exchange with SAP PI and SAP PO

Discover the three possibilities when it comes to implementation of electronic data interchange (EDI) in SAP Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PI/PO).

8 minute read

When Should I Replace My VAN Provider?

Read our comprehensive guide on what to consider when changing VAN provider and what's involved in switching.

7 minute read

Value Added Network (VAN) - Key Questions Answered

A Value Added Network is a private many-to-many network that harnesses the power of network effects to power commerce. Learn more here.

7 minute read

X.400 - What is it and Why is it Still Around?

What exactly is X.400? We look at the role X.400 plays in the EDI arena and how the exchange of messages via X.400 works.

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