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A single connection for all EDI partners

Unlock the flexibility and variety of electronic data interchange with your connection to the ecosio Integration Hub. Using a single connection, you can reach all your EDI business partners, regardless of their EDI protocol or EDI format.

Grafik ecosio Routing


All EDI protocols

The delivery of your messages – to your business partners and back again – takes place via the ecosio Integration Hub, which supports messages with all commonly used EDI protocols. Here is an overview of the most important protocols:

  • AS2
  • X.400
  • OFTP2
  • SHK-Mail
  • SMTP
  • Web Services
  • Routing to VANs worldwide such as GXS, IBM Sterling, OpenText, etc.

VAN Connectivity

Routing in VANs worldwide

Once connected to the Integration Hub, you also have access to our VAN network. With just one connection, messages can be exchanged with any VAN – such as GXS, IBM Sterling and OpenText – worldwide. Easy message-based pay-per-use billing ensures predictable pricing and no additional costs.



All EDI formats

Using ecosio Integration Hub, you can easily exchange all document types. Your single connection allows you to communicate with your partners’ various EDI formats via one data format.

Routing – How it works


A signature vouches for the authenticity of the sender and guarantees the inalterability of a message. Should a business partner ask for a signed EDI message or should a signature be mandatory by local law, ecosio Integration Hub is able to attach a signature to all messages it sends.


Messages are saved in the ecosio Integration Hub for a standard period of three months. On request, this retention period can be extended to comply with the tax law requirements for electronic messaging, especially as pertaining to invoices.


Your advantages with ecosio

  • All your EDI requirements met via a central connection to ecosio
  • No special EDI know-how needed within your business
  • All commonly used EDI protocols and EDI formats supported
  • Worry-free EDI partner connection from first contact to monitoring
  • Direct integration in your ERP system, so the delivery status of a message can be viewed via your ERP

Local EDI conversion vs. managed EDI

In-House EDI

Operating a local EDI converter is cost-intensive and laborious. The data exchange is often error-prone and inefficient. Commonly experienced issues include:

  • High acquisition costs
  • High personnel costs
  • Expenses for software maintenance
  • Independent partner integration

We take over the complete set-up of EDI connections. Your personal contact at ecosio is always available with expert advice to solve problems and develop strategies. Key benefits include:

  • Configuration and maintenance of business partner connections
  • All formats and protocols supported
  • EDI expert know-how
  • 24/7 support and monitoring

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Should EDI be run by local software or externally managed by EDI providers?

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