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Our fTRACE packages are perfect for companies that want to offer their clients complete transparency. Traceability of a product’s development process increases client trust in data transmission.


EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Service) data, information about a product’s origins, is transmitted to the fTRACE system via a web service provided by GS1 Germany. As your service provider, ecosio manages technical synchronization with GS1 Germany and facilitates the transfer of your company’s fTRACE data, provided by you in the format of your choice. ecosio converts the data into GS1 Germany’s preferred format and delivers the data via web service.

Data transfer

ecosio manages the simple transfer of fTRACE data from your IT system to GS1 Germany’s fTRACE system. No need for you to worry about complicated web-service agreements; simply provide fTRACE data in your preferred export format. We’ll take care of the rest.


Our tip

Now more than ever, consumers make their purchases based on trust. fTRACE provides your clients with seamless traceability of your product’s development process.

Philipp Liegl, Managing Director
ecosio GmbH

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