ZUGFeRD – Easy processing of ZUGFeRD invoices

ecosio makes creating ZUGFeRD invoices easy

Fully transparent and comprehensible

In June 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and BITKOM (The federal association for IT, telecommunications, and new media), released ZUGFeRD, the unified format for electronic invoices developed by the German forum for electronic invoices (FeRD). ZUGFerd can be used to exchange invoices between companies, authorities, and consumers.

The ZUGFeRD format allows for invoicing data to be viewed at a glance in PDF format or read as XML data. The XML data can be accessed from the PDF and processed in ERP software.

All of ecosio’s products are 100% compatible with ZUGFeRD. Whether you receive ZUGFeRD invoices from your suppliers or send ZUGFeRD invoices to your clients, you’re in good hands with ecosio: Our ecosio.Monitor is included and provides up to the minute message monitoring – so you always know if your invoices have reached their destination.

ecosio offers a wide range of solutions for ZUGFeRD senders and receivers.

Creating ZUGFeRD invoices

ecosio offers a variety of possibilities for sending ZUGFeRD invoices, depending on what level of system integration you’re interested in:

The ZUGFeRD SmartClient allows web-based invoice creation and automatically transfers your master data into the system, a significant time saver. You can even create new invoices based on those already sent. If you choose the automated ZUGFeRD solution for delivery, ecosio creates structured ZUGFeRD invoices from billing information received in any of your ERP system’s export formats.