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EDI using API

ecosio.ERPEL - directly integrated in your ERP system

ERPEL (ERP Exchange Language) is ecosio’s leading EDI innovation. The multitalented ERPEL makes it possible to connect ERP systems using direct integration, a single standardized transmission channel, and (optionally) a unified document format. ecosio.ERPEL’s EDI functionality is already integrated in numerous ERP systems using its modern REST-API. Once integrated, ecosio.ERPEL’s complete functionality is available directly in the ERP system user interface, making it 100% EDI ready.

ecosio.ERPEL enables your ERP system to exchange messages in all formats and established protocols. The conversion and transmission of your messages to business partners, and theirs to you, takes place using the ecosio.MessagingHub.

What we offer

  • Cloud-based managed EDI services
  • Worry-free EDI partner connection, from setup to maintenance
  • ONE connection for all EDI partners
  • Fast and easy connection processes
  • 24/7 monitoring of all incoming and outgoing messages by the ecosio team
  • All monitoring information accessible from your ERP system

Why EDI with ecosio?

ecosio.ERPEL clients can depend on ecosio to manage the complete setup of EDI connections, administration, and central monitoring. The ecosio.ERPEL API is used to integrate the EDI functionality in your ERP system, and your business partners can be connected using AS2, X.400, SFTP, OFTP2, IMAP/SMTP or RESTful API. An ecosio expert is always available to develop concepts and solve problems. Highest quality personal support is our trademark, and quick reaction times and utmost dependability are a given.

Numerous ERP systems with the ecosio.ERPEL interface are already available on the market. You will find an overview of all ERP providers with ERPEL integration under the following link: Our ERP integrations and partners.

ERPEL for ERP producers –
no longer the missing piece!

ecosio provides a modern REST API to integrate the ERPEL functionality in an ERP system. After one-time API integration, ERPEL’s complete scope of functions is seamlessly integrated in the ERP system’s user interface – making it 100% EDI ready. With very little configuration effort, the setting can be adapted to the individual EDI needs of various ERP clients.

The ERPEL interface allows companies to send and receive EDI messages directly from their ERP system. They may choose the well-documented ERPEL format or their own existing import and export formats.

The status of all sent messages is continuously updated in the ERP software, ensuring full control over the status of electronic messages. ERPEL is a future-oriented solution that requires minimum adjustment and can be used by any company.

ERPEL speaks every language

With ERPEL, your ERP system speaks and understands all formats and established protocols. Just one connection enables you to communicate with the ecosio.MessagingHub in one data format and reach your business partners in all formats (EDIFACT, XML, VDA, CSV, UBL, ZUGFeRD, Flat-Text, ANSI X12, etc.) and protocols (AS2, X.400, SFTP/FTPS, HTTPS, OFTP2, PEPPOL, SMTP, etc.).
The ecosio.MessagingHub manages the necessary conversion and delivery using the desired communication protocol.


Routing – the navigation system for your messages

Let us worry about your business partners’ transmission protocols. You always send and receive messages using the same connection. We pick up and deliver messages – and you can check on the status of every one of them in your ERP system.

Digital signature – There is only one original

If a business partner requests a signature on an EDI message, or if a signature is required according to local legislation, ecosio.MessagingHub can furnish an appropriate signature for all messages. Message signature guarantees authenticity of origin and the immutability of message contents.

Conversion – We speak every language

Another of our services is message conversion: you send all messages to the ecosio.MessagingHub in the same document format, and incoming messages to you are always forwarded in the same format, as well. ecosio.MessagingHub takes care of format “translation”.

Archiving – Your data is in good hands

By default, messages are stored for at least three months on the ecosio.MessagingHub. On request, the message storage period can be prolonged.


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ecosio.Monitor – and everything is under control!

With ecosio.ERPEL, all monitoring data from the ecosio.Monitor can be retrieved directly from your ERP system, meaning you get end-to-end monitoring of all EDI messages in real time and in your standard user interface.

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