EDI Glossary

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RESTful Web Services
Representational State Transfer (REST) is a software architecture that specifies the conditions under which an API operates. REST-based architectures can be used to support powerful, customised communication. A web service is a service that can be accessed over a network. REST provides several methods to invoke a web service. Web services that implement this REST architecture are called RESTful web services.

Routing refers to the transmission of EDI messages between different networks. Although EDI can theoretically be conducted between two partners via any electronic method capable of transmitting the relevant information, the vast majority of EDI today is conducted over the internet. In order for routing to work, both parties must use the same EDI protocol (e.g. AS2 or OFTP2). The chosen protocol determines the level of message encryption, what software and hardware will be required and the ease with which transmissions can be received. Only once routing is successful, and an EDI message has been delivered to the intended recipient, data is extracted from the message and logged in the relevant system.

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