EDI Glossary

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Just in Sequence (JIS) is a supply chain and inventory management strategy where components and materials are delivered directly to the production line in the precise order and at the exact time they are required. This method extends the Just in Time (JIT) philosophy by adding the element of sequencing, ensuring that the manufacturing process is as efficient as possible. JIS is particularly useful in complex manufacturing environments like automotive production, where parts must be assembled in a specific sequence to maintain efficiency and reduce downtime.

Just in Time (JIT) is a management strategy that aligns raw-material orders and production schedules. It aims to increase efficiency and decrease waste by ensuring goods are received only as they are needed in the production process. This approach is widely used in manufacturing due to its capacity to reduce inventory costs and improve operational efficiency and responsiveness to market demands.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight, human-readable data-interchange format that is easy for machines to parse and generate. JSON is widely used for transmitting data in web applications between clients and servers as it offers a text-based, language-independent way to represent simple data structures and associative arrays (objects).

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