EDI Glossary

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The IDoc (which stands for Intermediate Document) is the document format used in SAP systems and serves to transport data in and out of the system. This data can be business documents, like orders, delivery notes, invoices, but also information such as timesheets and transfer journals. When an EDI process is started, an IDoc is created in the SAP system and stored in the system database. Each IDoc has a unique number.

Interchange Control Header
An Interchange Control Header is a data segment in an electronic data interchange (EDI) message that marks the beginning of an interchange. It ensures proper routing and processing of the data between trading partners.

Interchange Control Tailer
An Interchange Control Trailer is a data segment in an electronic data interchange (EDI) message that marks the end of an interchange.

Interchange Envelope
An Interchange Envelope is a container used in electronic data interchange (EDI) to encapsulate multiple transactions or messages within a single interchange. It includes the Interchange Control Header and Trailer, along with the individual transaction sets, providing a structured framework for exchanging data between trading partners.

In the B2B integration world, an interconnect refers to the connection between different electronic data interchange (EDI) systems or networks to enable the exchange of electronic business documents.

An INVOIC is an EDI invoice that is formatted according to the EDIFACT standard. It serves as a request for payment for goods or services delivered between the seller and the buyer under the agreed conditions.

The Interchange Control Header (ISA) is the initial segment of EDI documents that use the ANSI X12 standard. The Interchange Control Header is used to identify the sender and recipient and to specify the date, time and control number that uniquely identifies the transaction between the trading partners.

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