EDI Glossary

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Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIAs) are agreements between different parties that regulate the operation and use of transport infrastructure. These agreements can be made between governments, companies, organisations or other entities to regulate the construction, maintenance, use or other aspects of transport facilities such as roads, bridges, airports, railways or ports. TIAs can cover various topics, including fees, operating hours, maintenance responsibilities, safety standards and environmental requirements. Clear and transparent TIAs can reduce conflicts, promote investment and improve the efficiency of the transport system. In the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIAs) refer to agreements between trading partners on the technical aspects of data exchange.

TRADACOMS stands for Trading Data Communications Standard. It is an international EDI standard developed by GS1 UK and is particularly popular in UK domestic trade. Like all EDI standards, the TRADACOMS EDI standard contains agreed message formats that enable the exchange of documents between countries, regions and industries. The TRADACOMS standard is made up of a hierarchy of 26 messages and offers numerous syntax rules for structuring data, plus an interactive data exchange protocol (I-EDI). Like EDIFACT, each message is also given a six letter reference (e.g. ORDERS).

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