EDI Glossary

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D-U-N-S Number
A D-U-N-S (Data Universal Numbering System) number is a unique nine-digit business identification number with the structure 12-345-678. D-U-N-S numbers are kept in a database which is maintained by Dun & Bradstreet, a global provider of data science services. This database holds millions of numbers representing businesses across the world. With a D-U-N-S number it is possible to retrieve information about a company, for example to get an idea of their organisational structure. For this reason D-U-N-S numbers are often used by lenders and potential business partners to assess the reliability and/or financial stability of companies.

DELFOR stands for "Delivery Forecast". It is a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) message format used in supply chain management and logistics. A DELFOR message alerts suppliers to future customer demand, enabling more efficient planning of production, inventory and delivery schedules.

DESADV stands for "despatch advice". It is an EDI message type that is formatted according to the EANCOM standard. A DESADV message contains information concerning the delivery or goods, allowing the recipient to adjust processes dependent on a delivery. A DESADV is the direct equivalent of an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) message, which is popular within the automotive industry.

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