For many companies, SAP PI/PO means managing complex point-to-point connections internally. ecosio's powerful, fully managed solution optimises all EDI processes to help relieve internal teams.

"Routing and conversion with ecosio’s Integration Hub has brought numerous advantages. In addition to time savings thanks to the simplification and automation of processes, our paper use has also decreased significantly. Cooperating with ecosio was a great experience"

- Oliver Schöne Managing Director | Carl Schmidt

Manage EDI with SAP PI/PO yourself...

SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) and SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) offer extensive software components to implement the core technical functions of EDI: connectivity, mapping and routing. If these are implemented internally, companies usually face the following challenges:

  • High internal EDI expertise required: SAP PI and SAP PO are extensive but also complex software components
  • High internal effort necessary: Routing and mapping must be implemented independently and monitored 24/7
  • Limited EDI functions: Web EDI or out-of-the-box VAN connections are not possible, Peppol and e-invoice requests only with additional effort

Companies that want to minimise this effort can outsource EDI or e-invoice connections to a specialised EDI service provider. With ecosio, a single connection from the SAP PI/PO to the ecosio Integration Hub is all that is needed.


Fully Managed EDI is a cloud-based EDI solution where a company is connected to a specialised EDI service provider via a single connection. This service provider then takes over all EDI functions and processes, depending on your company’s requirements.

In-house EDI implementation

Taking over EDI internally with SAP PI or SAP PO requires a high degree of operational effort and EDI expertise. In addition, not all EDI functions are available.

  • Peppol & e-invoicing only available through additional packages
  • No Web EDI capability
  • No out-of-the-box routing to VANs without additional effort
  • High personnel costs for connection creation, maintenance and continuous monitoring
  • Scalability depends on the expertise of the employees
EDI and e-invoicing with ecosio

ecosio takes care of all EDI tasks and offers you the complete range of functions in a flexible, future proof way. All it takes is a single connection to ecosio’s Integration Hub.

  • Routing (and mapping) implemented for you – Peppol and VAN connectivity included
  • No internal EDI expertise necessary – connection maintenance and updates included
  • International e-invoice support
  • 24/7 monitoring, support & proactive troubleshooting
  • Full text search in all messages and status tracking of messages


Our dedicated project managers for EDI/SAP integrations have implemented numerous EDI projects in SAP systems across all industries. We share their experience in the form of useful resources such as white papers, case studies and webinars on SAP PI/PO and other SAP-related topics.

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3 Possibilities for EDI and E-invoicing with SAP PI/PO

In this webinar we explore three possibilities for EDI implementation in SAP PI/PO, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each in detail (including e-invoicing and Peppol).

  • Managing EDI with SAP PI/PO internally
  • Installing a local EDI converter
  • Outsourcing to a specialised EDI service provider

Seamless EDI/SAP integration

The snap ecosio Bridge for SAP (especially developed by SNAP Consulting) and its turnkey integration flows in SAP PI or SAP PO enable deep integration of EDI functionalities into the SAP system, including…

  • Direct jump to the generated EDI message for outgoing messages – without extra login
  • Tracking of the EDI message status directly in SAP by changing the IDoc status of sent EDI messages to status 40 or 41 – depending on whether the recipient received the message or not
  • Full text search in all news and documents
  • Automatic alerts/notification when messages are incorrect or could not be delivered

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