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IDoc Status Change in SAP ERP

The status of an IDoc

IDoc documents are used to exchange business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc. with an SAP system. Upstream of the SAP system, an EDI service provider typically converts the IDocs to and from the various formats of the individual business partners (for example, EDIFACT or ANSI ASC X12).

Errors can occur during processing of both inbound and outbound IDocs in the SAP system (if you need to familiarise yourself with IDoc basics try this article). For example, incomplete IDocs may arrive in the SAP system because a business partner has not sent all the information requested. In this case, the IDoc “hangs” in an error status.

The following figure shows an extract from SAP transaction BD87.

BD87 transaction with IDoc overview
BD87 transaction with IDoc overview

For example, an outgoing IDoc has stuck in status 20. This status means ‘Error when triggering the EDI subsystem’. One reason for this error could be incorrectly configured settings in the system. The IDoc detail view provides more information. As soon as the error has been corrected, processing of the IDoc must be restarted. However, status 20 does not allow direct processing, so the status must first be set to 30. 30 stands for ‘IDoc is ready to send (ALE service)’.

A list of all the possible statuses of an IDoc can be found at the end of this article.

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Change Status

To change the status of an IDoc, proceed as follows.

Call transaction SE38 and execute the program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS.

Program call in transaction SE38
Program call in transaction SE38

The following report will then open. If you want to change the status of several IDocs at once, you can use the button next to the text field ‘IDOC number’ and specify several IDoc numbers.

Change IDoc status
Change IDoc status

You can then trigger the processing of the IDoc again — for example, in transaction WLF_IDOC.

Any more questions?

Do you still have questions about IDocs or electronic data exchange with an SAP ERP system? Do not hesitate and contact us or use our chat. We’re always happy to help!

IDoc statuses

The following table provides an overview of the standard IDoc statuses in an SAP system.

Outgoing IDocs (from SAP view)
00Not used, only R/2
01IDoc created
02Error passing data to port
03Data passed to port OK
04Error within control information of EDI subsystem
05Error During Translation
06Translation OK
07Error during syntax check
08Syntax check OK
09Error during interchange handling
10Interchange handling OK
11Error during dispatch
12Dispatch OK
13Repeat transmission (Retransmission) OK
14Interchange acknowledgement positive
15Interchange acknowledgement negative
16Functional acknowledgement positive
17Functional acknowledgement negative
18Triggering EDI subsystem OK
19Data passed to port for test
20Error triggering EDI subsystem
21Error passing data for test
22Dispatch OK, acknowledgement still due
23Error during retransmission
24Control information of the EDI subsystem OK
25Processing despite syntax error (outbound)
26Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound)
27Error in dispatch level (ALE service)
28IDoc sent to ALE distribution unit retroactively
29Error in ALE service
30IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE service)
31Error, no further processing
32IDoc was edited
33Original of an IDoc that was edited
34Error in the control record of IDoc
35IDoc reloaded from archive
36Electronic signature not performed (timeout)
37Error when adding IDoc
38IDoc archived
39IDoc is in target system (ALE service)
40Application document not created in target system
41Application document created in target system
42IDoc created by test transaction
Incoming IDocs (from SAP view)
50IDoc added
51Application document not posted
52Application document not fully posted
53Application document posted
54Error during formal application check
55Formal application check OK
56IDoc with errors added
57Test IDoc: Error during application check
58IDoc copy from R/2 connection
59Not used
60Syntax error in IDoc (inbound)
61Processing despite syntax error (inbound)
62IDoc passed to application
63Error passing IDoc transfer to application
64IDoc ready to be passed to application
65Error in ALE service
66IDoc waits for predecessor IDoc (serialization)
67Not used
68Error, no further processing
69IDoc was edited
70Original of an IDoc that was edited
71IDoc reloaded from archive
72Not used, only R/2
73IDoc archived
74IDoc created from test transaction
75IDoc is in inbound queue

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