Timo Goiss Team Photo

Timo Goiss

DevOps Engineer

Timo started his professional career as a network engineer next to his schooling at the department for informatics at an upper secondary technical college (HTL).

Other opportunities have taken him from support engineer, to software developer, and even to application manager in large corporations. His constant interest in new technologies has taken him to lofty heights, directly into the cloud, where he has also collected some power-ups in the form of certificates.

As DevOps Engineer Timo is responsible for the infrastructure in the cloud at ecosio, and also takes care of the monitoring processes.

In his spare time, Timo spends time with his wife and two children. As a sportsman he likes to play badminton. He can also be found at tech conferences. One highlight was Google I/O 2016 in Mountain View, CA.

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