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The well-known manufacturer of Twist & Drink uses ecosio's Integration Hub to connect with commercial business partners.

Competence and communication

‘Twist and Drink’, Austria’s traditional colorful and fruity ‘twist and drink’ beverages, have been a hit with children for over 40 years. The family-owned company uses fresh mountain water from its own springs at the foot of Austria’s Schneeberg. Klosterquell Hofer produces 50 million bottles a year, of which approximately 80% are exported to over 20 countries around the world.

On a scale from 1 to 10, they’re a perfect 10!

Ingrid Adrigan, Director of Logistics / Internal Sales at Klosterquell Hofer GmbH

In-house sales made easy

‘Dreh und Trink’ was distributed in Germany by sportfit Fruchtsaft GmbH & Co. KG. until 2012, and in Austria by Maresi Austria GmbH until 2014. The foundation of Klosterquell Vertriebs GmbH and the ensuing restructuring of distribution channels allowed for a centrally focused market entry for the first time, and the family-owned business became a direct trade partner.

The transition to in-house distribution brought new challenges for data interchange and communication with business partners. Structured purchase orders, shipping orders, and invoicing data were included in Klosterquell’s SAP Business One System; however Klosterquell lacked in-house know-how for creating EDI connections with external partners and for performing EDI conversions. Managed EDI services seemed the obvious choice: “Our primary goal was to provide excellent customer service”, explains Ingrid Adrigan, Director of Logistics / Internal Sales at Klosterquell Hofer Gmbh, “especially since in-house EDI ties up resources and costs for infrastructure, personnel, and maintenance.”

EDI launch in two phases

  • EDI launch in Germany: When Klosterquell Hofer took over distribution and trademark rights from sportfit Fruchtsaft GmbH & Co.KG in 2012, German trading partners such as EDEKA, Metro, Markant, REWE, etc. immediately called for the introduction of EDI Internet research led Mag. (FH) Michael Bauer, Head of Sales & Marketing, to ecosio InterCom GmbH, ecosio’s German subsidiary. It was ecosio’s productive and solution-oriented communication that impressed Bauer right from the start. Ingrid Adrigan confirmed: “ecosio was a good fit for us; their solution-orientated approach made all the difference.”

  • EDI launch in Austria: On December 1, 2014, Klosterquell Hofer Vertriebs GmbH took over the distribution rights to ‘Dreh and Trink’ from Maresi Austria GmbH, becoming responsible for all marketing and distribution obligations in Austria. To facilitate this, ecosio GmbH connected Klosterquell with the most important Austrian supermarkets, including Spar, REWE, MPreis, Kastner, etc., via EDI.

The solution: ecosio managed EDI services

ecosio Integration Hub, ecosio’s most flexible product, enables EDI with all business partners via one simple connection, fulfilling all EDI requirements. As Klosterquell Hofer was looking to connect a great number of partners with a wide variety of different systems and standards, ecosio Integration Hub presented the perfect solution. Messages are converted to the target format at the ecosio Integration Hub and then transmitted to the recipient, and vice versa. ecosio is responsible for EDI partner connections from setup to the maintenance of various protocols (AS2, X.400, SFTP, OFTP2, IMAP / SMTP or web services) and documents. ecosio worked in close cooperation with Klosterquell’s SAP customizer to integrate the EDI functionality into Klosterquell’s ERP system.

“Service is seeing the business through your customer’s eyes”

“We’re not experts at EDI connections with external partners”, explains Ingrid Adrigan, “so it was important for us to work with a partner who understood our requirements and could implement EDI processes accordingly. This even enabled our team to gain a clearer understanding of these processes.” ecosio strives not only to optimize client communication; every ecosio project is supervised by an expert who is available around the clock and who ensures that everything runs smoothly.

ecosio employs state of the art technology, infrastructure, interfaces, and data security, and is a driving force on technical developments, international guidelines, and standards. This is the knowledge that makes ecosio GmbH the perfect partner for Klosterquelle Hofer GmbH, a company that has to be prepared for the challenges of flexible supply chain management. It would have been considerably more difficult for Klosterquell to build up an internal EDI team that could keep pace with the dynamic and ever-evolving market requirements. Working with ecosio provides a competitive advantage for Klosterquell Hofer Gmbh that “increases efficiency for us and our clients”, explains Ingrid Adrigan.

A perfect 10 for ecosio

ecosio and Klosterquell’s successful cooperation has continued beyond the effective EDI launch. ecosio’s monitoring remains in the background, with no in-house maintenance efforts for Klosterquell. However, “when a problem arises, when data can’t be transferred, ecosio informs us immediately. And the problem is solved almost as quickly”, says Ingrid Adrigan. “ecosio is an innovative, young company that responds to client needs. We’re incredibly satisfied and would confidently recommend their services. On a scale from 1 to 10, they’re a perfect 10!”

In a nutshell


  • Project duration:
    • Launch of EDI for Klosterquell Germany: 2012–2013
    • Launch of EDI for Klosterquell Austria: 2014–2015
  • In operation since: 2012
  • Connected partners: 21 in Germany, 10 in Austria


  • Problem: structured purchase orders, shipping orders, and invoicing data are included in Klosterquell’s internal SAP Business One System; however Klosterquell lacked in-house know-how for creating EDI connections with external partners and for implementing EDI conversions.
  • Connection with trading partners in Germany and Austria


  • 2012: EDI launch and connection with German trading partners
  • 2014: Connection with Austrian trading partners
  • Close cooperation with Klosterquell‘s SAP customizer


  • Product: Managed EDI services with conversion / routing
    • incl. onboarding, test, going live, and continuous monitoring
  • Connection with: REWE, Spar, Metro, Markant, EDEKA, Drogerie Müller, MPreis, Pfeiffer Gruppe, Zielpunkt, Julius Kiennast GmbH & Co KG, Kastner, Wedl, ADEG
    • Each connected via X.400 or AS2
    • Incoming: orders (ORDERS)
    • Outgoing: invoices (INVOIC), shipping orders (DESADV)

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