Nicolai Helldorff Team Photo

Nicolai Helldorff


Nicolai graduated from the HTBLuVA St. Pölten (Lower Austria) and specialized in software engineering, where he was one of the best in his class. During his time at school, he was an avid software developer and worked on smaller software solutions for himself, his family and relatives. He was also able to demonstrate his competence in numerous summer internships.

Nicolai has been working for ecosio since October 2018, which is also his first job in the world of computer science. Thanks to ecosio’s great flexibility, Nicolai is able to work part-time in parallel with his studies and other obligations.

Nicolai supports the frontend team with the development of existing software solutions as well as developing new components.
In his spare time he likes to meet friends, play chess, do sports, watch TV series (gotta binge them all) and movies, participate in various programming competitions or spend time with his family.

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