Hannah Königmayr Team Photo

Hannah Königmayr

Administration & HR Manager

Hannah was born and raised in Upper Austria. After her high school graduation and spending time in South Africa, she moved to Vienna. Here she graduated from the FHWien of the WKW with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a focus on Human Resources Management.

She has now started her Master’s degree in ‘Human Resources and Organisational Development’. During her semester abroad, she discovered her passion for Canada. Since she was 15, Hannah has gained a lot of professional experience – from working on a wine farm, to marketing and accounting, to catering.

At ecosio Hannah works as administration and HR manager. As an interface to different departments, she is able to combine and implement her experience well.

In her spare time Hannah is always on the road. Either she is traveling, hiking in the mountains or just enjoying the sun with friends.

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