Team: Marketing

Alexander Leitsoni

Mission: Creating Content

What do you do at ecosio?

To put it simply: I take care of the German content! That means I write assets around the topic of EDI, design case studies and social media posts, work on white papers, videos, employer branding and generally our brand presence – and raise my personal favourite baby: our website! Marketing, our team and the power behind it are constantly growing and it’s great to be able to contribute to this vibe!

What is a typical day like for you?

I get up at 4:30am, then run my usual 20 kilometres while going through my online Chinese course via audio book and doing my tax return! I’m kidding of course… I usually start between 8 and 10 am – I like being able to decide when I’m ready for the day and ecosio gives you that flexibility! Then I check my tasks for the day, break bigger projects into smaller steps and get them done.

My work is more project-based and that has a lot to do with personal responsibility – I like that. In between, there are smaller things like social media posts, brainstorming sessions within the team etc. The marketing team works very closely together, so even though you have creative freedom, we actually always look at the result together – that helps enormously with the end product and with personal development – and with the people it’s just fun!

How long have you been with ecosio and why did you start?

Since February 2020 – and I intend to stay! The decision to start at ecosio was purely a gut decision. I wanted to professionalise myself creatively and at the same time maintain flexibility in terms of time and place – you get that at ecosio. But the actual “yes” was clear after the interview and after I got to know a few faces. I just had a good feeling and I liked the way they treated me as a job seeker.

Many companies, from the biggest corporations to the smallest start-ups, like to brag that they have the greatest team, the best spirit, the most dynamic dynamics or the sweetest chocolate etc. – but at ecosio it’s actually true 😉

What were your biggest “Aha” moments? What has changed since the first month and today?

Probably finally understanding what EDI is! *laughs* The technical demands of the subject matter are really high – and that’s the best teacher in marketing. You can’t just write a sentence that sounds cool and then slap a nice stock photo on it. You have to be precise and know what you’re talking about. Here, customers immediately notice what is empty marketing blah-blah and what really offers added value! So it’s a really exciting tightrope act between “fresh” and “technically precise”.

And I’ve definitely become more professional, too. It’s very nice when long-term projects that we implement as a team, such as sprucing up the design and copy of the website, take more and more shape over the weeks and months and then come to fruition. I have increased my skill level with many tools, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator (though I may have sworn at this software a few times haha), Sketch for website layout, WordPress, and many more.

What’s your next step, your next goal?

To make the website even more attractive, it should look great and be easy to read. We’re working on that quite a bit across the whole team right now!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, the opportunities for further training are great! Whenever anyone has something they want to learn more about because they think it will help them to do their job better – whether it’s a marketing workshop from Google or a software course on Udemy – they are actively encouraged and supported. This makes what is the best thing for me at ecosio even more fun: actively and creatively helping to shape things!

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