Philipp Liegl Team Photo

Philipp Liegl

Managing Director

Philipp studied Business Informatics at Vienna University of Tech­nology, where he earned his PhD with a thesis about document engineering for B2B processes.

As part of a research project he com­menced his active engagement with UN/CEFACT — an organization of the United Nations, which develops the UN/EDIFACT standard. Philipp also contributed to the development of the ebInterface e-invoice standard. Today, ebInterface is the mandatory format of choice for all invoices sent to the Republic of Austria.

At ecosio Philipp is responsible for the operational business and coordinates the customer projects. Thereby, he consults international companies in the development of appropriate concepts and solutions for the realization of electronic data interchange – mainly in SAP ERP environments. When not at ecosio, Philipp may be found giving talks at conferences or holding Web Engineering lectures at Vienna University of Technology.

In his spare time he enjoys being out in the mountains.

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