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All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH offers full ecosio API integration in SAP Business ByDesign, enabling EDI to be easily and quickly accessible from the cloud.

Innovative EDI solution for SAP Business ByDesign

All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH is a born in the cloud SAP Platinum Partner. The digital expert’s portfolio includes cloud-based software solutions in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP Business ByDesign), Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP Hybris) and Social Collaboration (SAP Jam). All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH’s offering is rounded out with an in-house development department focused on client-specific add-on solutions.

All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH’s range of products now includes a further innovation: the EDI connector for SAP Business ByDesign, developed by All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH developers and ecosio, an EDI managed service provider. The new EDI connector directly links the cloud-based ERP system with the ecosio API interface and the Integration Hub, enabling deep and seamless integration of the EDI functionality in SAP Business ByDesign’s user interface and ensuring maximum usability. The EDI connector can be used for all SAP Business ByDesign installations to make them 100 percent EDI capable.

“ecosio is not only technically adept but also versed in project management. When it comes to EDI projects, it’s important for us to be able to rely on experienced partners to ensure that we can successfully implement projects for SAP Business ByDesign clients.”

partner b2b solutions headquarters

EDI directly from the ERP system

Cloud-based ERP solutions like SAP Business ByDesign manage everyday tasks quickly and efficiently, regardless of location. However, cloud-based solutions don’t always allow for predefined functionalities to fulfill all requirements. This drawback, coupled with their desire to offer clients a comprehensive and functional product, motivated All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH to consider integrating an innovative EDI functionality. Their aim was to optimize data exchange and increase customer satisfaction. When a client request spurred All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH to tackle the challenge of finding an EDI solution for all SAP Business ByDesign products and clients, a partner recommended ecosio to Georg Krenn, Head of Development at All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH.

“Integrating EDI in ERP systems is essential in order to ensure proper and efficient management of business processes,” explains Georg Krenn. SAP Business ByDesign provides extensive interfaces for data export and import, but their suitability in EDI contexts is limited, both from technical and content perspectives. In order to fulfill industry-standard EDI requirements using SAP Business ByDesign, companies therefore invest in expensive adaptations made by SAP customizers or EDI service providers. “EDI is so varied that it isn’t necessarily useful for manufacturers to cover all possibilities and eventualities in their ERP systems. That’s why there are specialists like ecosio,” continues Krenn.

“All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH is a competent customizer for SAP Business ByDesign. Their newly developed EDI connector uses the ecosio API’s seamless integration to link with the Integration Hub, making SAP Business ByDesign users 100 percent EDI capable.”


Full service EDI partnership

In terms of technical requirements, SAP Business ByDesign’s mostly medium-sized business users were most interested in the complete process mapping of commercial documents (ordering, order confirmation, delivery notices, invoices). Other priorities included integrating EDI processes for third party logistics (3PL), ensuring the EDI solution could expand slightly to include new document types, and implementation that worked in spite of regional differences (formats, standards, etc.).

In addition to developing a technical solution for SAP Business ByDesign users that linked two business partners and their ERP systems, the project aimed to provide clients with a partner to implement the transition and roll out of EDI processes with numerous business partners. ecosio manages the establishment of EDI connections, administration, and central monitoring. All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH provides the necessary software package – coupled with ecosio’s managed EDI services – to all SAP Business ByDesign users and customizers, and not much individualization is required.

Thanks to excellent cooperation between ecosio and All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH, this ambitious undertaking was completed quickly. Christoph Ebm, Managing Director at ecosio, was especially impressed by the team-based approach and dependability of both dynamic teams, who played a significant role in ensuring the project’s success. Another testament to ecosio and All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH’s excellent cooperation can be seen in the solution’s implementation: All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH manages integration, while ecosio handles EDI connections.

ecosio API for SAP Business ByDesign

ecosio had the perfect solution for simple and flexible EDI integration: ecosio API. Currently ecosio’s leading EDI innovation, ecosio API makes it possible to connect ERP systems using direct integration, a standardized transmission channel, and a unified document format. The EDI connector enables the ecosio API to be seamlessly integrated in the SAP Business ByDesign user interface, which allows for connection to the ecosio Integration Hub. In this way, all EDI requirements can be fulfilled and all business partners reached. The ability to receive, edit, and send messages directly in the SAP BusinessByDesign UI offers maximum usability and comfort. Messages are converted to the desired target format at the ecosio Integration Hub and then delivered to the recipient – or the other way around.

ecosio API supports all communication protocols (X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP, PEPPOL etc.) and document formats (EDIFACT, VDA, CSV, ebInterface, ZUGFeRD – inbound and outbound, UBL, various other XML dialects, FlatText etc.). The deep integration of EDI functions in the cloud-based ERP system’s user interface allows for seamless monitoring of all EDI messages, even without leaving the familiar UI. Additionally, ecosio provides 24/7 message exchange monitoring.

“Right from our first meeting, cooperation with ecosio was effective and uncomplicated, and communication with clients went smoothly. Even when partner requirements are unusual, clients can depend on ecosio.”


Satisfied clients, successful partners

Georg Krenn is convinced: “With ecosio’s direct EDI integration, we found a technically impeccable, cost-efficient solution that enables EDI communication without major programming efforts.” Expensive adaptations and programming services are no longer needed. ecosio’s professional support throughout implementation and introduction of EDI communication is a further advantage, because many clients have neither the resources nor the know-how to manage this transition on their own. In the long term, EDI economises resources for information processing by enabling client communication directly from the ERP system. Since integrating the ecosio API interface in SAP Business ByDesign, All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH and ecosio have successfully implemented projects for numerous clients, including companies in trade and production industries, such as spray paint specialist Peter Kwasny GmbH, Stedy Gwürz AG in Switzerland, and the Austrian coffee roaster ALVORADA Kaffee Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG.

“After several EDI projects I can say with certainty that ecosio is the right EDI partner for our mid-sized clients. Their team, know-how, and technical solution won me over.”


In a nutshell


  • Flexible and reliable EDI integration for all SAP Business ByDesign installations
  • Processing of diverse EDI formats and significant regional differences, i.e. North America / Europe
  • Processing of EDI partner-specific document formats in the 3rd party logistics segment
  • Client specific requirements for EDI with SAP Business ByDesign:
    • Standard EDIFACT documents for European trade
    • ANSI X12 processing for messages from North America
    • Partner-specific master data extensions in SAP Business ByDesign


  • Support for all partner communication protocols (X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP etc.)
  • Support for all partner document formats (EDIFACT, VDA, CSV, ebInterface, ZUGFeRD – inbound and outbound, UBL, diverse other XML dialects, FlatText etc.)
  • Support for specific requirements, such as digital signatures
  • ecosio’s proven end to end EDI communication monitoring directly in SAP Business ByDesign’s standard UI
  • Use of ecosio infrastructure for document transformation and forwarding
  • Exchange (sending/receiving) of price catalogues (both partial and complete catalogue data)


  • EDI experts with tailor-made solutions
  • Highest standards and quality of service
  • One contact partner – one EDI partner – one interface
  • Trouble-free partner connection – from initial approach to monitoring
  • ecosio API is integrated as a native feature in SAP Business ByDesign
  • Innovative add-on for maximum client benefit
  • Interface with a simple connection to the Integration Hub by way of the connector


  • Deep integration of EDI functionality in the cloud-based ERP system
  • Sending, receiving, and monitoring of all EDI messages in SAP Business ByDesign’s UI
  • Users remain in their familiar software environment
  • Fast and simple integration by All for One PublicCloudERP GmbH
  • ecosio’s managed EDI services

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