Anna Szilvasi Team Photo

Anna Szilvási

Project Manager

Anna studied at Pazmany Peter University in Hungary, where she focused on communication and media science. In her second studies at Szent Istvan University, she specialized in wildlife management.

At the beginning of her studies she gained experience while working as a sales and product manager, then as a CRM analyst at various multinational companies. After her studies she started her professional career as an SAP data management specialist and then as SAP EDI coordinator.

At ecosio Anna uses her profound EDI and SAP process know-how as part of the EDI project management team. Thereby, she focuses on creating and maintaining document mappings, where SAP IDocs are involved. Her deep knowledge of SAP ERP also helps her to debug IDoc processing in SAP.

In her spare time, Anna likes baking and taking long walks with her two dogs, an English Cocker Spaniel and a Blue Picardy Spaniel.

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