For many businesses, maintaining VAN connections is both time and cost intensive. ecosio's solution solves this by consolidating complex EDI landscapes into one fully managed connection.

VAN Connectivity Webinar
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"Instead of an endless number of X.400 partners, we now have one single AS2 partner: ecosio – this significantly simplifies our monitoring. From our perspective, the conversion process – even with our international partners – was seamless!"

- Jens Kriese, Department of Business Process Technology and EDI | August Storck KG

VANs can be a big burden...

Value-Added Networks are closed EDI networks to which companies can be connected for B2B message exchange using various protocols such as AS2 or SFTP. Companies connected to VANs often face the following problems:

  • Expensive fees for setup and ongoing operation
  • Additional services such as message conversion or ERP system integration often not possible
  • Lack of transparency when it comes to errors

These factors add up quickly, especially when operating multiple VAN connections independently, making VANs economically inefficient. ecosio can help to relieve your company of these problems and reduce your costs effectively.


Value Added Networks are still popular and necessary in many B2B partner networks. However, instead of operating all VAN connections themselves and shouldering the resultant costs, companies can also have their VAN connectivity fully managed. With a single connection to ecosio’s Integration Hub, you become part of the ecosio B2B network, enabling you to reach all VANs worldwide and benefit from lower cost per message due to ecosio’s high message volume.

Operating VAN connectivity internally

The internal operation of VAN connections requires a high degree of effort and EDI expertise in the company. Cost per message is also significantly higher.

  • Expensive setup and operating costs per message
  • High internal effort for operation, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • No error notifications and no support for VAN problems
  • Reduced scope of functions (no Web EDI, no e-invoicing)
VAN connectivity with ecosio

VAN connectivity with ecosio means fully managed EDI for you. We take over all your VAN connections, relieve your internal teams and provide you with a dedicated contact person.

  • Transparent and reduced message costs
  • 24/7 monitoring, support & proactive troubleshooting by a dedicated project manager
  • Cross-VAN communication to all international VANs and EDI service providers via a single connection
  • Complete EDI functionality with seamless API integration, Web EDI and e-invoicing


Our live webinar on 15 October 2020 on the subject of VAN connectivity provides decision-makers with detailed information on this topic as well as several possible solutions – with a focus on practical application and achieving cost reduction.

Webinar Graphic

X.400 and VAN Connectivity: 3 Ways to Reduce Costs

On Demand Webinar

VANs like X.400 often mean high costs for companies and a lack of transparency in case of errors. In this webinar we show you how to solve these problems and reduce the complexity of your B2B supply chain. Join us to learn more about…

  • VAN topologies and VAN costs
  • Consolidation of multiple VAN connections to a fully managed VAN
  • What VAN migration looks like
  • Achieving the right implementation with your EDI service provider


ecosio supports all major international value added networks and can connect to all EDI service providers worldwide (a brief list of some of the connected VANs and EDI service providers can be found below). ecosio takes care of both the connection of new VANs and the replacement of existing VAN connections. All customers are also assigned a dedicated project manager, who is able to answer all questions regarding VAN connectivity and EDI. By connecting to ecosio, you gain access to a worldwide network of fully managed VANs, all while simultaneously reducing message costs and internal effort!

  • X.400
  • GXS
  • Ariba
  • OpenText
  • Covisint
  • ATOS
  • CCV
  • Compudata
  • DIG
  • Descartes
  • EDITEL/eXite
  • EDT

  • Generix
  • TGMS GXS/OpenText
  • HPE (Hewlett Packard) BES
  • IBM Supply Chain Business Network (formerly IBM Sterling)
  • ICCNET/EasyLink part of GXS/OpenText
  • IWOfurm
  • Indra
  • Intesa
  • Liaison
  • Markant
  • Mercoline
  • ROCKET Software

  • Seres
  • Sofzoll
  • Stralfors
  • T-Systems
  • TESI
  • TIE Kinnetix
  • VRG/Curamus
  • conXpert
  • e-Integration
  • ercom
  • evry
  • iConnect
  • stratEDI/ccTop



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