Flora Fischbacher

Team: Marketing

Mission: Website Technology & Automation

Flora Fischbacher Team Photo

What does a typical ecosio day look like for you?

I’m usually in the office around 8 am and start off with a coffee with my colleagues. Then I check my e-mails and to-do list for the day. On Mondays and Thursdays we also have stand-up with the marketing team, so we can support each other, identify blockers and get up to speed. In general we work quite closely together.

At noon, 1 p.m. we slowly get hungry, we discuss where to go for lunch or whether we want to join the salad group, cook together or order, for example. Then another coffee and on we go! At 5 pm I usually set off – by bike, of course!

Team spirit

What was your situation when you decided to go with ecosio?

In October 2018, a friend of mine drew my attention to ecosio and raved about it so much that I decided to apply. Although I changed from the catering industry, I was accepted immediately – the chemistry just fit! The team is really the most important thing at ecosio, and the team spirit and the warmth of the team are very noticeable.

On the one hand, I received a lot of professional support from my colleagues and from Philipp, and on the other hand I built up a lot of knowledge simply by learning-by-doing. It’s perfect for a junior position, because you can start right away with the implementation.

How would you compare your first month with last month?

“Everything has changed. Since I started, the marketing team has grown continuously. The website and tech stack were very different in the beginning, and we were not using WordPress yet. We have built a great marketing team and have become much stronger, implemented tools and undergone a complete rebranding and the website is much better – which is cool, of course, because you can see directly how you are changing and improving with your work!

What was the most important thing you have learned at ecosio so far?

Clearly my programming skills, of course, I was able to develop them a lot. And my Pardot skills (note: Marketing & Automation Tool from Salesforce)! One day, at the very beginning, Christoph came into the office and raved about a new Salesforce programme he had bought – with the request to integrate it into our marketing. So I got the login and a guide and started working. Now we have been using it successfully for some time as a lead generation tool.

Then, of course, WordPress, Google Tag Manager etc. – together with Tobias we participated in workshops and did research, as well as getting a lot of support from Philipp. Now the whole marketing team is doing very well with it!

What is your next project at ecosio?

We are currently redesigning the blog to make it more user friendly. We’re designing new categories and search options, and working on the graphics. After that, it’s time for partners and reference sites! Then the website will look a whole lot nicer again! 😊

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