No matter what your SAP landscape looks like: ecosio seamlessly integrates automated message exchange into your existing SAP system and relieves your internal teams.

"Rigid provider guidelines and software limits significantly restricted our capacity to react to new requirements, such as new message types. That is why we were committed to finding a full-service EDI provider to take care of EDI routing and converting professionally."

- Alexander Marth ERP Coordinator | PowerBar (Active Nutrition)

Why EDI/SAP integration can be tricky

Large partner networks make message monitoring in SAP systems challenging, especially across multiple nodes/connections (e.g. direct connections to SAP via different local solutions, different VAN providers and mailboxes, different services for e-invoice requests, etc.).

Then there are various technical problems. For example, incorrect IDocs must be corrected and processed again, meanwhile it must be precisely traced who did what, when (audit proof processing). For the conversion of internal and external IDs (field conversion) requirements may change. It must then be possible to implement these.


In cooperation with SAP partners, ecosio has created a unique technology capable of integrating all EDI functions into SAP systems. This enables you to benefit from the full spectrum of electronic data exchange (including the fulfillment of international e-invoice specifications) directly in your SAP system. As ecosio’s solution is both flexible and scalable, it is also extremely future proof.


  • A single connection to the ecosio Integration Hub covers all your partner companies’ EDI requirements of
  • Support of all EDI formats and EDI protocols as well as routing to any Value Added Network (VAN) or third party network
  • Transmission of all IDocs possible – including Z-IDocs


  • Central monitoring of EDI data exchange directly in your SAP system, including ability to track messages
  • No need to leave the SAP GUI and log in to third party systems
  • Post-processing and re-processing of IDocs via the user-friendly IDoc editor


We offer a range of free resources for decision-makers and SAP managers on the subject of EDI in SAP, compiled by our B2B project managers and product owners. Full of useful information and examples, our white papers, webinars and infographics provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

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Fully managed EDI for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Join ecosio’s experts to learn what a successful B2B integration system looks like in SAP ERP and S/4HANA, what migration involves, and what you can do to move towards efficient, future-proof EDI.

  • What does roll-out of a fully managed EDI solution look like?
  • How does monitoring and error resolution work in such a solution?
  • Buy or build? Which makes more sense?

White Paper

EDI Integration in SAP: A Definitive Guide

In this white paper we examine the seven main options for EDI integration in SAP systems in detail, exploring how they compare according to the twelve most important features of successful EDI systems.

  • Detailed description of the integration possibilities in different systems, including economic and technical implications
  • Special focus on EDI/SAP integration via API with fully managed EDI

State-of-the-art EDI without an expiry date

The high-performance connection to the EDI infrastructure via the ecosio Connector for SAP also offers

  • Automated alerts in case of faulty messages or if messages have not been delivered
  • IT independence of the department: the department can track, edit and reprocess IDoc messages directly in the SAP user interface in an audit-proof manner
  • Full text search in all messages and documents
  • Continuous further development and updates by ecosio – no more costly migration projects

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