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Customizer GötzGünther makes EDI easy and straightforward from Sage 100 by integrating ecosio API.

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With ecosio API, Sage 100cloud is EDI-ready

The Chemnitz-based IT systems vendor Götz Günther GmbH, which focuses on business software and comprehensive IT service, has been supporting small and medium sized enterprises in the region and throughout Germany for over 25 years. In the area of business software, they not only focus on sales and support for Sage software products, but also on optimizing business processes in the areas of ERP, accounting, and production. To this end, Götz Günther GmbH develops a variety of add-on modules for industry, retail, and service providers, including the 288a.net EDI connector for Sage 100cloud.

“ecosio is the perfect partner for modern and quick EDI connection. We certainly won’t have any EDI worries in the coming years.”


Götz Günther GmbH and ecosio GmbH have been partnering on ERP since 2016. Combining ecosio’s managed EDI services with the 288a.net EDI connector takes Sage 100cloud EDI user friendliness to the next level. With just one EDI connection, all EDI partner requirements are fulfilled. The ecosio Integration Hub is integrated using the ecosio API, enabling not only the exchange of EDI messages, but also monitoring and full-text search of all EDI messages directly in the Sage 100cloud user interface.

“The 288a.net EDI connector for Sage 100cloud was implemented extremely quickly with Götz Günther GmbH’s experienced EDI partners. The excellent collaboration makes this project a role model for professional ecosio API integration.”


Simple EDI with Sage 100cloud

For Sage customizers, implementing EDI connections for Sage users without the 288a.net EDI connector is complex, especially since exporting from Sage is difficult to manage. “Additionally, the Deutsche Telekom X.400 mailbox that made the connection didn’t offer proper status information, which made it difficult to continually monitor data exchange,” explains Sebastien Günther, Managing Director of Götz Günther GmbH. On the whole, EDI was expensive and cumbersome for Sage 100cloud users, and there were few competent specialists. This unsatisfying situation motivated Sebastian Günther to find a modern solution: “Especially in light of current topics like digitization, Industry 4.0, and an increasing lack of specialists, it is expedient to integrate EDI in ERP systems. It is important that employees can quickly and easily manage processes and procedures. This kind of integration can generate significant upside potential for any company. Using EDI integrations in ERP systems is lucrative for any company with a document volume of twenty documents – incoming and outgoing – per day.”

ecosio quickly proved to be the right partner: with a connection via REST-services, ecosio offers modern, simple, quick, and stable technology. Price, performance, service, and technical implementation of the integration were also important factors in deciding to collaborate.

Process and time optimization

The project’s primary goal was to quickly implement a fully integrated EDI connection for Sage 100cloud users with little administrative effort. All EDI processes were to be handled using a central interface from the ERP system, creating an added value for clients: simple processes and time savings in performing their daily tasks.

Establishing EDI connections was made significantly easier through integrating the ecosio API interface. “In addition to technical advantages and a stable system, ecosio’s benefits included profound expertise, quick reaction times, and efficient communication throughout implementation,” concludes Marco Zapletal.

“Together with ecosio, we were able to integrate the ecosio API interface in the 288a.net connector for Sage 100cloud in just two days. ecosio proved to be an equal partner with extremely quick reaction times. Starting with our first discussions, it was clear that we were working with a very professional team, upon whom we could depend to successfully implement challenging projects.”


Sage with ecosio API integration

ecosio API is ecosio’s most important EDI innovation. Using cloud-based managed EDI services with the possibility for deep user interface integration, ecosio API networks ERP systems between companies while offering maximum usability for the ERP user. To do this, ecosio API provides a modern REST-API. With the 288a.net EDI connector for Sage 100cloud, ecosio API‘s complete range of functions is seamlessly integrated in the Sage 100cloud user interface.

Sage 100cloud users can now exchange messages in all formats (EDIFACT, VDA, CSV, ebInterface, ZUGFeRD, UBL, all XML dialects, flat text, etc.) and all common protocols (X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP, PEPPOL, etc.) without leaving their user interface. Message conversion and transmission to EDI partners occurs via the ecosio Integration Hub. Message exchange is monitored by ecosio 24/7 and the client is proactively informed in case of error. The native integration of EDI functions in the Sage 100cloud user interface also enables the user to monitor and search EDI messages.

“The Götz Günther 288a.net EDI connector, which integrates ecosio API, and ecosio’s managed EDI services combine to make a worry-free EDI package for all Sage 110cloud users.”


Ready-to-use EDI-Connector

For Sage 100cloud customizers, the 288a.net EDI connector for ecosio API signifies a significant workload reduction. Customising during the EDI setup is reduced to a minimum, and new EDI connections are managed completely by ecosio. ecosio also takes care of managing connections, as well as central invoicing and monitoring. All in all, this package saves clients the expense of programming services and internal resources, and the effort of building up in-house EDI know-how.

In a nutshell


  • EDI integration for all Sage 100cloud installations
  • Quick connection with significantly reduced administrative effort
  • EDI using just one interface from the ERP system
  • Connection via REST services (ecosio API)


  • Supports all business partner communication protocols (X.400, AS2, OFTP2, SFTP etc.) and roaming in all EDI networks
  • Supports all business partner document formats (EDIFACT, VDA, CSV, ebInterface, ZUGFeRD, UBL, diverse other XML dialects, FlatText etc.)
  • Supports special requirements, including digital signatures
  • Proven ecosio end-to-end monitoring of EDI communication
  • ecosio infrastructure for document transformation and forwarding


  • EDI experts offering tailor-made solutions
  • High quality customer service
  • One contact person – one EDI partner – one interface
  • Trouble-free partner connection, from initial contact through mapping, testing, validating, going live and monitoring
  • Interface with a simple connection to the ecosio Integration Hub using the 288a.net EDI connector


  • Deep integration of the EDI functionality in the ERP system
  • Delivery, receipt, and monitoring of all EDI messages in the Sage 100cloud UI
  • Users remain in their familiar software environment
  • Quick and easy integration with Götz Günther GmbH
  • ecosio’s managed EDI services

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