SAP Business One

SAP Gold Partner specialised on SAP Business One. Connector with ecosio API functionality.

EDI integration for SMEs – directly into SAP Business ONE!

SAP Business ONE with full EDI functionality

ecosio API, ecosio‘s most important EDI innovation, makes the integration of ERP systems simple – thanks to direct integration, one standardised transmission channel, and a unified document format. ecosio provides a REST-API that connects ecosio API to the ERP system and integrates its complete functionality in the ERP user interface – making it 100% EDI ready.

advanced EDI for SAP Business One – one standardised solution for EDI interchange with all business partners using ecosio API

Together, SAP customiser AN-Group and ecosio have created a connector to integrate ecosios’s innovative ecosio API interface into SAP Business One enterprise software for SMEs. The connector not only enables the automatic transmission of electronic documents in a unified XML format, but also permits ongoing delivery monitoring by ecosio.

End-to-end monitoring in the SAP user interface

The cooperation between ecosio and AN-Group enables integrated sending and receiving of EDI messages directly from SAP, all the while permitting the end-to-end monitoring of EDI messages in the SAP Business One user interface for the first time.

All data is exchanged using a connection to the ecosio Integration Hub, and delivery status in SAP is updated to reflect every message sent. The SAP user receives real time confirmation that a sent message has been received by the recipient.

This is all made possible by integrating ecosio’s API interface in SAP Business One, which enables full EDI functionality for SAP. The SAP Integration Framework is used for communication with the SAP environment, thereby reducing the amount of EDI adaptation needed to match ecosio API data fields with existing Business One fields. Standard fields are automatically assigned.

This innovative approach makes the SAP Business One System 100% ecosio API compatible and 100% EDI ready in about two business days.

About AN-Group

AN-Group is an IT consulting firm for small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. AN-Group’s main consulting focus is on IT, organisation, and finance and management – always the goal of providing comprehensive solutions. AN-Group business Consulting has taken on a leading role as a SAP Gold Partner for SMEs using SAP Business One.

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