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EDI with API

Don’t settle for limited access to key business data - experience unparalleled end-to-end data visibility in your existing ERP system with ecosio’s unique API

Everything in one place

As supply chain IT professionals will attest, using middleware to handle EDI comes with complications. Even if the software works perfectly, making sure it communicates with your ERP system effectively is tricky and data visibility is limited. With direct integration, however, the user is fully enabled and has access to full EDI functionality directly in their ERP. 

ecosio’s API removes the need for multiple interfaces. Your EDI connection appears as a native feature in your ERP system, facilitating end-to-end monitoring in your existing user interface. Staying up-to-date with your company’s data exchange has never been easier or more efficient!

ecosio advantages

Your benefits with ecosio

  • Access to real-time delivery status of all EDI messages
  • Full text search across all sent and received invoices and delivery notes
  • Flexible message statistics with graphical representation of the message flow
  • Message archive with customisable retention periods
  • Download function for local use and processing
  • User management with unlimited users
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