Team: Marketing

Mission: Ensuring successful and engaging events to foster meaningful connections with ecosio.

What do you do at ecosio?

I’m an Event Manager. Basically I coordinate everything relating to events, from identifying and booking relevant opportunities to managing all the logistics involved in the lead up to them. It’s a really exciting role as we attend many events where we participate as exhibitors all across the continent.

What does a typical week look like?

If there was an event coming up my main tasks would be to make sure everything was sorted for that. For example, I would check that all the invoices have been paid and other relevant documents submitted, that all the participants are ready and have received a delegate list, and confirm all flights and hotel bookings. During an event, I would check that the attendees have everything they need. Then I check the list of upcoming events and update my calendar to ensure no deadlines are missed, as there are always lots of little to-dos.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy making things smooth for others. I love knowing that everything is covered, everybody’s informed, and that we are prepared for every possible scenario.

There’s so many things that can go wrong with events, from organiser oversights to logistics issues, so making sure everything goes as planned is easier said than done! I was very proud when nobody mentioned anything to do with organisational issues in the feedback following our most important event this year. In that way event management is a bit like EDI – you know it’s good when no-one mentions it!

Do you feel like you’ve grown on a personal level since you joined ecosio?

I think I’ve grown quite a lot because at ecosio you’re not just given a task – you’re also given the freedom to tackle it as you think best. This has given me much more space to try things out and forced me to be more strategic. I’m also enjoying gradually taking on more and more responsibility.

How would you say your role differs from previous roles you have had?

I really enjoy the flexibility I have to choose whether I work from the office or from home. I have a family and it’s super important for me as a mother to be there for my kids, so this is a HUGE plus point.

I also love the structure of the company and the fact that the managing directors are so approachable. The company takes employee happiness very seriously and I’ve never worked somewhere with such a culture of support and mutual appreciation.

What is your next big challenge?

One big goal I have set for myself in the next year is to increase our profile at events. We are spending a lot to attend various international conferences, but aren’t currently doing everything we could to advertise our presence there and maximise our platform.


How have things changed since you joined ecosio?

The company has grown quite significantly. There are lots of fantastic new people and processes are constantly being adapted and improved. It can be a challenge sometimes to keep up with the speed of this growth, but it also forces you to grow and improve your own skills. For example, despite having more events to manage than ever, I am much better prepared now for what’s round the corner and feel more in control.

What has life at ecosio taught you?

On a personal level I’ve learned that I can enjoy my job! I really enjoy working with my colleagues and I love our company values. I hope that this kind of working environment is something everybody can experience at some point in their professional life.

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